Photo at left - Entering Altos de Chavón.  A young man stopped us & asked for a "bola" (pon, ride).  
He became our guide.  Photo at right - Left to right: Maria, Cusa, Ma (RIP), Paco, our guide, and Isabel (RIP).  
All I can remember is that the guide's family's last name was Nieves.
Altos De Chavón
Left - A street in La Romana; lottery ticket vendors.  Right - A street in San Pedro de Macoris
03/18/06, 03/030/17
Ma,. Maria, Isabel and Paco.  Pointing is the local guide.
Jorge, Ma, Maria and Isabel.
Fortress in Puerto Plata
Turtle being sold in market.
Illegal to sell on other islands
Train moving sugar cane from field to processing plant.

New bill given to me by a co-worker in April 2011.  Value?  About $1.00.  Has a "cloth" feel to it.
"Y Que Culpa Tengo Yo" by Alex Bueno

If music is distracting, please turn it off.
Cannot recall the exchange rate at the time.  Frontal view.
Dominican Republic,  July 1982

Above - Young man outside the fort, San Felipe.  For a fee, one can
take a photo with the donkey.  Right - Our tour guide.
Left - The Capital.  Right - Boca Chica
Toll we had to pay on a highway.
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