Crossing the Equator, King Neptune
performed a ceremony.  

We had to kneel in front of King Neptune
and his court and perform whatever
he told us to do.  

Can't remember what I had to do!

The ceremony was for anyone who had
never crossed the equator before.  

My table mates can be seen to the
left of the picture, sitting in front row.  
I am sitting in the front row in the red shirt.   

It was a event filled with fun!

Left - King Neptune and his court plus all
the participating passengers.

See certificate below.  
Entering harbor of Fortaleza from the Stella Solaris.  
Looks like any modern city!
I was interviewed for a news program.  They spoke in Portuguese, I answered
in Spanish. What were the questions?  Why was I in Bahia?  (A cruise.)  How
did I get there?  (By ship.)  Did I like the city?  (Yes, very much.)  The ship
did not stay long enough for me to find out if my segment was aired.  
Salvador was preparing for their carnaval (carnival).  Anita took this photo!
03/08/06, 05/10/20
Cruise to Brazil, 1986, Page B
Left to right - Chris, Anita, Jon, Kathy, Jorge and Carol.
Entering the port of Salvador da Bahia
The fort located in the bay.
One of the beaches in Salvador
Above,  you  can see a 100,000 (front) and 50,000 (back) bill.  When we arrived in Brazil, a $5,000 Cruzeiro
was worth about $1.00 US.   Now, you do the math to figure out how much these were worth.  If I am not mistaken,
they had a million Cruzeiro bill circulating before or after the devaluation!  Below are smaller denominations.
Getting ready to visit Fortaleza, Brazil/Brasil.  
February 4, 1986.
Anita and Jorge enjoying a song as we were docking in
Fortaleza.  Song?  "Hot, Hot, Hot" by Arrow.
Left - A view of "old" Salvador da Bahia from the ship.   Was once the capital of Brazil.  
Right - One of the many streets of Salvador da Bahia.
Local dancers came aboard to put on a show.  
The dancers represent different gods/godesses
that are part of the Brazilian beliefs.  Dancing also included capoeira.
A beautiful sunset as we left Bahia!

April 19, 2020 - I began cleaning out my closets a while back since I decided to rent the small room of my apartment  
to a friend.  I had to shift things around which had been stored in the closets to make space.  In so doing, I decided
to get rid of the many photo albums I had stored in the foyer closet.  Damn, I did not know I had that many photo
albums.  Before shredding the photos/postcards and souvenirs, I looked at them and decided to keep a few.
I will post what I saved and scanned on various pages.   Some photos and postcards may be posted on other
pages.  Everything posted will be as scanned without adjusting the photo for color, clarity, etc.  
What you see is what you get.  Watermark will not be added.  No kallaloo here, just simplicity.

Below are the photos/postcards/souvenirs being added.  Keep in mind, some may be duplicates.  


Fortaleza:  Chegada das Jangadas
da Regata, Dragao do Mar".  
Estado do Ceará.  
(c) Foto:  Carlos Fernando S. Borges  
(All the cards featuring Fortaleza
sent to me by a former pen pal.)
Vista Aérea de Fortaleza (c) Tavares - Alaor Distribuidora Ltda.
Metropolitan Cathedral.  
Was started in 1939,
consecrated and
inaugurated on
December 22, 1978 by
the Cardinal Bishop D.
Aloisio Lorscheider
Beach Park.
(c) Carlao
Jericoacoara Beach  (c) Carlao

Left - Paracuru Beach, situated about 100km from Fortaleza.  (c) Carlao
Above - The Dunes of Jericoacoara Beach (c) Mauricio Albano
The following 4 photos were taken during tour of Salvador da Bahia.  (c) Jorge L. Rodriguez