This trip began in Germany and ended in Spain.  After a few days in Frankfurt (June 4-9), I flew to Barcelona.  
I stayed a few days
(June 9-12) in Barcelona then flew to Madrid to join Cosmos on a 2 week bus tour of
(June 12-14, 19-21, 24-27), Portugal (June 14-19) and Morocco (June 21-24).  It was a trip like no
other.  I will try to show highlights of the trip via photos posted in the next few pages.
Maria crossing street.
View of Frankfurt
Main River
Left - From time to time, a bell is rung, the doors are opened at the Kassel and water comes cascading down this area
into the pool below.  Everyone gathers to see the show.  Right - A street in the town of Karlshafen.
Left - Barcelona - The National Palace - Museum of Art.  Photo taken from the Cosmos coach.  If you look closely, you
can see the glare from the window.  Right - A mime, one of the many performers on the Ramblas, a wide tree lined Blvd.
A 10
and 100
07/30/06, 05/12/20
Germany, Spain, Portugal & Morocco - Page A
Maria and Jorge enjoying the day.
Left - View of Frankfurt from river tour.  Right - Unique building architecture in Frankfurt.
Map of subway


An sidewalk shelter for customers of Burger King.
Left - Kids feeding the pigeons.  Right - A monument in the Montjuic Parc

April 19, 2020 - I began cleaning out my closets a while back since I decided to rent the small room of my apartment  
to a friend.  I had to shift things around which had been stored in the closets to make space.  In so doing, I decided
to get rid of the many photo albums I had stored in the foyer closet.  Damn, I did not know I had that many photo
albums.  Before shredding the photos/postcards and souvenirs, I looked at them and decided to keep a few.
I will post what I saved and scanned on various pages.   Some photos and postcards may be posted on other
pages.  Everything posted will be as scanned without adjusting the photo for color, clarity, etc.  
What you see is what you get.  Watermark will not be added.  No kallaloo here, just simplicity.

Below are the photos/postcards/souvenirs being added.  Keep in mind, some may be duplicates.  

Wayne, Maria, Marc
Römerberg, Dom. Haus Zum Engel  (c) Herst u Verlag
Schöning & Co.
Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe, Hercules mit Kaskaden, Löwenber, Schloß
Wilhelmshöhe.  (c) King Air Luftfoto, K. Biewer
Photo of a map in area.
3522 Bad Karishafen 1,
Restaurant-Cafe, Auberge des
Cévennes  (c) Fotu-Vertag F.
Tuttass, Karishafen/Weser
Weltflughafen Frankfurt  (World Airport or International Airport?)  (c) M. Skaryd
Aerial view of Cataluña Square (c) Comercial Escut D'or, S.A.
My photo - Arc de Triomf
Detailed view of top
center. My photo.
Barcelona, Spain
Before similar meters were installed in NYC, they were all over Spain.  
This one seen in Barcelona.