Left - The Meridian in the harbor.  We had to take tender to island.  Right - Ma and Lee with plates of food.  
We had a picnic on the island of Porvenir.
Lillian in front of the school on the island of Nalunega.  
We took a canoe from Porvenir to this island.
Entering the harbor of Cartagena, Colombia.
A view of the island of Nalunega.  
The big building  is a hotel.
Views of Cartagena from La Popa, a monastery.
When the ship came into the harbor of the San Blas Islands (the islands are part of Panama), these boats met us.  
They asked that we throw them coins.  The coins fell into the water and they dived in to get them.  The Cuna
Indians are very good swimmers!  As you can see, most are children!
At left is the island of Porvenir.    At right is the hand stitched work of the Cuna Indians.  Very colorful.  
The tapestry are called "molas".
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1995 Cruise, Page B
Cuna dancers and musicians.  It is said the tallest
Cuna is about 5 feet tall.  They speak Spanish plus
their own language.