Left - My photo of some of the formations in Bryce Canyon.  When we got there, there was snow on the ground.  
The colors at Bryce are incredible!  Right - A postcard of Bryce.  As you can see, one can take a horseback ride
down into the canyon.  We did not have time for that.  There are also trails for walking.
Another view of the formations in Bryce Canyon.
Entering Utah, the third state visited on the tour.
Left - Monument dedicated to Bingham Young and his followers.  Right - The temple which is part of
Temple Square.  Below, more views of Temple Square.  Photo below at left shows a little of the Tabernacle.
8/11/06, 05/12/20
Las Vegas and National Parks, 1996 - Page C
Rock formations at Zion National Park.  We did not spend much time here.  For more information, please click here.

Please click here to see photos of the 2013 National Parks Tour.
Left - Zion National Park, a postcard.  Right - A postcard of the "Hoodoos" in Bryce Canyon.   For more information
about  hoodoos click