We next visited the Grand Teton National Park.  Postcard © Great Mountain West.
Here part of the tour group is getting ready to get on a boat for a ride down the Snake River.  During our visit to
the various parks, we were offered optional tours.  This was one of them.  The part of the river we were on
was relatively calm.
The boat behind us.
The view from the boat.
Left - The beauty of the Tetons.  Capped in snow.   View from the boat as we sailed down the river.  We next headed
to Yellowstone National Park.  Right - We stayed at the
Old Faithful Inn.  This is a postcard.  ©  M. Roberts.
Inside the Old Faithful Inn.  Left, the various floors overlooking the lobby.  All made from native logs.  To the right is the
clock in the lobby.  It was made from a design by Mr. Reamer, the architect of the Inn.
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Las Vegas and National Parks, 1996 - Page E

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