Next we visited Cheyenne, Wyoming.  A postcard showing an aerial view.  
©  Great Mountain West.
A beautifully decorated bench close to the Capitol building in Cheyenne.
A map of our route.  We went from Nevada to Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana (because a road was
closed, we went to Cooke City), back to Wyoming, South Dakota, one more time to Wyoming and then to
Colorado.  We  flew home from Denver.   In the lower right hand corner you can see the miles (Km) traveled
from one destination to the next.
The group members.  I am in the front row, far right.  Have no idea what the names of
these individuals are!  There were three New Yorkers, including me, on this tour.
08/13/06, 05/12/20
Las Vegas and National Parks, 1996 - Page I

Please click here to see photos of the 2013 National Parks Tour.  We did not visit Cheyenne during the 2013 tour.
2013 photos run from A to M but 1996 photos only run through I.  After viewing 2013 I, you can then proceed
to view the other pages (J to M).
Cheyenne.  The State Capitol.
Next was Denver, the end of our trip.  Photo by FPG/David Noble
The new airport.  I had to take a train to my gate.  The  train was incredibly fast.  
Photo by Jack Olson.