Photo taken as we got off the tender in Georgetown, Grand Cayman, March 30, 2006.  
Purchased from ship photographers.  Copyright, Transoceanphotos.
Elton in Hell, Grand Cayman
Georgetown, Grand Cayman as the ship sailed out of the harbor.
There were 6 other ships in port.  The town was crowded with cruise passengers.  
It looked more like 34th Street on a busy day!
The diver feeding a stingray.   Elton taking a moment for a picture.
Left - Elton with his pirate friend.  This was outside the Tortuga cake factory.   The Grand Cayman Islands
were originally named the Tortuga Islands by C. Columbus.  

Right - Elton in Georgetown, Grand Cayman with the Dawn in the background.
Stingray Observatory.  While we sat comfortably in the bottom of a boat, the diver fed the stingray and fish.  
As they approached the diver, we got a good view from the windows on either side.
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Cruise, 2006, Page C
Hell, Grand Cayman. Postcard.  Copyrighted by Mr. Ivan Farrington.