Leaving New York City
Views around the ship
10/18/07, 05/13/20
Cruise, 2007, Page B
World Financial Center, Lower Manhattan
At times the spray was red, white and blue!
The Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Staten Island to the right
The famous funnel.  This is the skylight of the atrium!
Mural seen from the glass elevators in the atrium.
One of the many pools before the crowd arrives!
Elton, Horatio Restaurant, casual restaurant, Deck 9 aft.
The famous slide.  Whenever we visited, it was
closed due to high winds.  I never got to use it
but was not that  interested.
This was taken from the balcony.  
This was one of the rough days at sea.  
Elton relaxing, Deck 2
Relaxing on a comfy chair on Deck 10 forward.
was a
sculpture by
every pool
Miss Liberty
Waves produced by the propellers.
A  beautiful reflection of sun on the Caribbean Sea.