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2008 Cruise, Page B
Min, Rodney and Giovanni
Nicole, Bernissa, and Eneida
Gloria, Maria Esther, Nicole and Eneida
The Carib Territory - Kalinago Baranda Autê
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It is said the women only entered this area through the
back and that was only to bring food for the men who
would be meeting, resting, etc.
This gadget was used to grate cassava.  Giovanni has
his foot on the pedal.  The cassava was placed
against the wheel and there would  be a receptacle to
collect the grated cassava.
The Nieves Clan and friends!
The Hibiscus Eco Village - Kalinago (Carib) dancers
and musicians.
Kalinago Baranda Autê - Carib Village by the sea.
We were served a delicious vegetarian meal - pumpkin
soup, rice, beans, and a banana salad (similar to potato
salad but with bananas).  Delicious!
Jacko Falls.  Bathe here and become 10 years younger!
Front - Giovanni and Ibelize
Back - Jason and Rodney
In the town of Roseau, capital of Dominica
Maria Esther and Bernissa
Leaving Dominica
The sun sets as we sail away from Dominica
Saw these on the  way to Jacko Falls.  Have no idea
what they are but they are beautiful!
Maria Esther, Bernissa, Nilsa, and Rene
Maria Esther, Bernissa, Nilsa, Jorge and Rene
With canoes like this one, the Caribs are said to
have sailed from island to island in the Caribbean.
Entering the harbor of Dominica.  We got some rain.
Dominica's Flag
Jorge and Jason
Left to right - Isabel, Min, Javier, Ibelize, Bernissa and
the back of one of the twins.
July 1, 2008