07/10/08, 05/13/20
2008 Cruise, Page C


We got the most rain on this island.

Docking in the port of Barbados.  It was raining!
St. James Parish, oldest Anglican Church on the island.
A bell on the site is said to predate the Liberty Bell
Maria Esther trying to avoid her photo being taken.
Barbados as seen from the balcony of cabin 8177.
As we sailed out of the harbor!
White and pink buildings contain stores, etc.
Back on board the Destiny, Lido Deck, aft pool.
View from a snack bar on a hill.  As you can see, more
rain is on the way.  In an enclosed area was a zebra.  
And there was a tale re. zebra!  There were two, one
dies, other mates with a donkey and they get a zonkey??
One of the glass elevators.  I am south looking north.  
It appears I am in the elevator!
As you can see, I did not take many photos in Barbados.  We hired a taxi for 2 hours.  
The driver took us around the island but due to the rain, we hardly got out of the taxi.  
Taking photos as the taxi zoomed from area to area was not easy.
July 2, 2008