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2008 Cruise, Page D
St. Lucia

July 3, 2008

We sailed the western side of St. Lucia from south
to north.  Here are the Pitons covered in clouds and rain.
Entering the port of Seraphine, Castries.
Bernissa  enjoying the view as we entered the port.
George Charles Airport; a Liat plane taking off!
Castries as seen from a hill, our first stop on our way
to Soufrière.
The governor's mansion
Our second stop, Anse La Raye
Fishermen working on their nets
Souvenirs.  Miniature boats.
Fern trees can be seen on the higher elevations
Soufrière - as seen from a hill
Steam rising from the sulphur springs (volcano).
One of the Pitons as we drove thru Soufrière

When I first visited this area, I was
allowed to walk right up to the
springs.  We had guides who
explained how to maneuver the area.  

Today, there are railings all over the
area and walking right up to the
springs is NOT  allowed.  It's safer.  
When I asked  why the change, I was
told someone accidentally fell in and
the government banned walking up
to the springs.  The way it is now set
up reminds me of Yellowstone Park.

By the way, the area has a bad
smell.  Close to spoiled eggs.  It
is said people allergic to sulphur
should consider avoiding the area.

See bottom for photos of the '79 visit.
Stairs that lead to a private residence.  While here, we
were met by a passing cloud.  It rained for a few minutes
A small waterfall.
The mud bath.  
The water from
the volcano
which passes
the bath
is warm.
Ibelize capturing the action.  The man is purposely
stopping the flow of water to create a bigger water fall.
Marigot Bay
Part of the group resting at another stop.  Maria Esther,
Isabel (RIP), Indy, Min and Bernissa with Frankie in profile.
The streets of Castries.
An indoor market.
A Mall, next to the indoor market
Supposedly this
sailboat was used
in one of the
"Pirates of the
Caribbean" movie.
Sailboat is used on one of the
tours offered by the cruise ship.
As the ship left the port, this plane was getting ready to take off.
Vigie Lighthouse
Fishermen we passed after leaving Port Seraphine.

One of
the many
towel animals
on our
couldn't quite
make it
out.  We came
to the
conclusion it
was a
turkey?!  See
the wings
and tail?
Pope John Paul II held mass here when he visited
St. Lucia

From the 1979 visit to the volcano
As you can see, in 1979 we were allowed to walk right up to the volcano and experience everything first hand.  
The guide, in the photo to the right who is wearing a white t-shirt, led us around the area and told us where was
safe to walk, etc.  Today, the guides wear a uniform!  In photo on the right, I can be seen with no shirt on.  
Today, visitors are not allowed this close!
Another guide
Water from here trickles down to the mud bath.  
See mud bath photos below.
A thermal spring
The sun trying to make its presence felt.
The ship was on its way to the next island.  
Goodbye, St. Lucia!
This photo, and next 3, taken at stops we made.