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2008 Cruise, Page E


July 4, 2008

In most ports, when the ship was docking, and leaving, sand would surface due to the power of the propellers.  
In Antigua the sand was the most prominent.  The area around the ship turned from blue to sand-color and here
the sand took longer to sink.
Jazir having breakfast on the Lido deck
We walked the streets of St. John's.
Bernissa (niece) and Maria Esther (cousin).
Food for thought - US Navy ships rarely visit St. Croix yet
we saw one in St. Lucia and another here.
St. John's Cathedral from the outside of Lobby deck.
The ending of one of the shows.
Photos taken without flash.

Photo on the right:  What is this towel figure?  We guessed it was a goat/ram.

The night before,
the design was that of a frog but it came apart before I could take a photo!
No traffic lights; pedestrians have the right-of-way
once in the white lines at the intersections.
Looking out from Cathedral's yard.
Views from balcony as ship inched its way to the harbor