07/13/08, 05/13/20
2008 Cruise, Page G

The following photos were taken by
the photographers on the ship.  
They are © by the Carnival Silver
(smaller photos) and Platinum
Collection (larger photos).

At left,
front to
back -
Jade and

left to
right -
Left to right, front row - Isabel (RIP), Indica, Rene, & Bernissa.  
Second row - Maria Esther, Carmelo, & Nilsa.  Back Row - Jorge
Left to right - Maria Esther, Nilsa, Rene, Jorge,
Bernissa, Carmelo, and Gloria.  And why is Nilsa
looking up? July 02, 200
First Formal Night
Toni Ann
What is that shark doing behind me?
First row, left to right - Jade, Rene & Jasir
Second row - Yaira, Daisy,
Giovanni,  and Indica
3rd row - Javier, Nicole,
Isabel, and Nilsa
4th row - Carmen (Min), Ibelize,
Bernissa, and Rodney
5th row - Gloria, Shelly, Jakneka,
and Angel
6th row - Lolin, Maria Esther,
Phyllis and Jorge
7th row - Frankie, Jacqueline, & Carmelo
Eight row - Frank, Eneida, & Jason
Last row - Juan (Kike)

Summary of Cruise

Dealing with Carnival via their 800 number was for the most part a challenge.  The vacation specialist
was hardly available and calls for the most part were not returned.  Information obtained from other
cruise specialists was for the most part contradictory.  

Embarkation needs to be improved.  Passengers entered on the first floor of the terminal, then had to
go to the 2nd floor to check in, after which one had to circle back and have ones carry-on checked.  
After going through the metal detector one had to go back to the first floor to board the ship.  
One could easily get dizzy and/or exhausted!   There were elevators available.

The Destiny is a nice ship.  The Universe Dining Room was set up elegantly.  However, I think the
dress code was too relaxed.  On the two formal nights, passengers should not have been allowed to
enter wearing jeans and/or t-shirts.    The food left a lot to be desired.  The choices were not varied
and the food was mostly too salty for my taste.  None of the desserts made me want a second slice.   
The Sun and Sea Restaurant, buffet style, on the Lido deck had better choices.

In past cruises, after the first day the waiter and his assistant knew who at the table drank coffee or
tea and served it without asking.  Not on this cruise.  The shows were for the most part good.  
The cabin steward we had was excellent.  The rest of the staff on the ship were for the most part
friendly and helpful.   

There were many activities on the ship to keep passengers of all ages entertained.

The islands we visited were great.  The two tours I took through the cruise line were excellent but
local taxi drivers offered similar tours at lower prices.  Though it rained on most of the islands, we
were able to explore and enjoy the islands.

Traveling with so many family members and friends was a new experience for me and an enjoyable
one.  I don't mind doing it again.  Some family members acted as if they were sailing alone, instead
as a FAMILY group.  Next time we would have to meet more often as a group in order to better
coordinate daily activities.

Would I cruise with Carnival again?  Most probably.  
Would I book through Carnival's  800 number?   Definitely not.   
Would I visit St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Dominica, Barbados and Antigua again?  Possibly.
Did I miss a day a sea?  Yes, most definitely!
Would I travel with such a large group again?  Definitely.  
Would I do things differently next time?  Absolutely.  This was a learning experience after all!

See you on the next cruise!

After the cruise, a few of us got together at the D'Abreu's residence in El Condado.
Below are group photos taken at the residence with Titi Mery.
Back row, left to right - Maria
Esther, Eneida, Bernissa,
Francine, Nicole, Titi Mery,
Lolin, and Jorge
Left to right - Omar (kneeling),
Rene, Nilsa, and Carmelo.  
Front - Toni Ann
Back row, left to right - Maria
Esther, Eneida, Bernissa, Fran,
Nicole, Titi Mery, Lolin, and Jorge
Left to right - Omar (kneeling),
Rene, Nilsa and Frank.
Front - Toni Ann
Bernissa and Jorge, 2nd Formal Night
Bernissa and Jorge