04/26/11, 05/15/20
2011 Cruise, Page B, St. Lucia
Tribute to  waiters & assistants
The Lyric Theater
A bat made out of towels by Cabin Steward.
The moon  & reflection on sea.  Due to setting used the
moon is not round as it should be.
Sunrise over Pitons, St. Lucia
St. Vincent.  I have never visited this island.  
Not too popular with cruise ships.
Small airport by dock.
Serenade of the Seas, another Royal Caribbean ship

Don't know if the tug above helped the ship dock.

Right - Elton and I as we got off the ship.
Serenade as seen from tour bus
Adventure from the tour bus.
Marigot Bay
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin, Catholic Church
in Anse Raye, a fishing village
Canaries, another fishing village
View of Les Pitons (Gros and Petit) and Soufrière
Soufrière ( means Sulphur in air).  It
was the original capital of the island.
We had a delicious lunch in Villa des Pitons.
It is said
that if you
touch the
flower, it
Decorative banana

The banana above does not bear any fruit.  To the right
is Diamond Falls.  Water is collected in tubs allowing
visitors to bathe.  Water said to have curative powers.
Elton at
Qualibou volcano,
which is

Left - Elton by the volcano.  
Above - Someone enjoying a warm bath.
Martinique, as seen from the balcony of cabin 8330

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Leaving St. Lucia.
Aft entrance to Casino, Deck 4
Artwork in one of the staircases.
Les Pitons as we headed north to Castries.
Suck in that gut, Jorge!