04/26/11, 05/15/20
2011 Cruise, Page C, Antigua
Sunrise from the balcony as we headed to  Antigua
Montserrat - smoke can be seen coming out of volcano
If you forgot what day of the week it was, all you
had to do was look at the floor of elevator.
Display of plaques presented to captain by various
islands.  Here you can see VI flag.
There were lots of birds on the empty pier next to ours.
Above - The Arcadia docking.  I was told by a passenger
that it was on a 72 day voyage around the world.  

Right - Another photo of us.
View from Dow's Hill
Agave or Century plant.  Though the plant is given
that name, it does not live that long!  See bottom of
2011F for more information.
Another view of Montserrat
Shirley Heights, a restored garrison
English Harbor
Taken in Shirley Heights.  In the background of photo at right is Montserrat.   
Watermark may not let you see Montserrat.   Look where it says "Rodriguez".
Displays in Nelson Dockyard museum.  For more information, click here.
Moravian Church
Above - One of the buildings in Nelson Dockyard.  
At right - A phone booth
This and next 2 photos are of a mural in St. John's
Ships as seen from Cathedral grounds.
protecting the
Arcadia pulling out of port.
Sun shining brightly on the island.
Sunset as Arcadia sails away.
Left - These men are waiting to remove ropes so Adventure can pull out of the port.  
Right - Photo taken while Adventure was pulling out of port
On the Royal Promenade with the passenger that never leaves the ship.
the Arcadia
taken from
at back
of our ship,
Deck 4.

For more photos of Antigua, please click here.
Dining Room - Vivaldi (Deck 3), Straus (4), Mozart (5).  
© Royal Caribbean's photographers
Card used for everything, from opening door, boarding
& re-boarding, & making purchases.  We changed to
Vivaldi, table 369, Deck 3.  More than one cruise with
RCI makes one a gold member.  This was my 4th cruise
with RCI.
The Arcadia, a P&O ship, docking in Antigua
This man removes the ropes that secures the ship to the pier when the ship gets ready to leave.  
He had just finished with Arcadia's ropes.
Walking on the pier between the 2 ships.
Photos taken looking out to the pool area from inside.
On the pier.  There are various ship names
and other stuff written on the dock.