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Trafalgar's Scenic Parks Explorer, June 2013 - Page D

Also see 1996 pages (A Through I) for other photos of National Parks.

The trip continues with more photos taken June 20th.  You will see  more photos  of  Jackson.

On June 21, we woke up to find the day cloudy, windy and cold.  We took the Snake River Float
Trip (Optional Tour) down the river.  You will see photos of the tour, the Grand Teton,
and the surrounding area.  We headed to Yellowstone National Park after we left  Jackson
and the Grand Teton.
My shadow
The Grand Tetons at a distance.
Where tickets for lift are purchased and where one
gets on/off.
After breakfast we walked around the town.  
Sun was beginning to rise.
Taken from bus as we headed to meet up with boats
for river ride
The tourists were still sleeping!
We had 3 boats for our group.  
About 10 passengers per boat.
Our oarsman explained the history of the area, etc.  It got
colder so blankets were eventually distributed.
The second boat passing us.
The tree trunk was gnawed by a beaver.
The sun eventually came out.  The warmth felt good!
We stopped here to check out what other people were
looking at.  There was a fox in the area.  We tried to stop
when we saw a crowd to see if any wild animals around.
Jenny Lake
Jackson Lake
Flower seen at Jenny Lake
We had dinner in this restaurant, close to the ski lift
Mount Moran, next to Grand Teton
Postcard - Fall view of
Grand Teton National Park.  
Photographer - Larry Ulrich
Date stamp on lower right corner  inadvertently turned
off on a few photos.
License plates in the areas we visited  were very colorful.  
Not as dull as the one in New York.

On June 21st after a stop at  Jackson Lake, we headed to Yellowstone National Park.  
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Where we spent the night

After dinner at the restaurant (Lift, which was close by), I headed to the lift to find out if it was still open.  I got there
at 7:45 p.m. and the lift was going to be closed at 8.   It takes about 15 minutes to get to the top.  I promised the
operator I would go up, take a few photos and come down right away.  Telling him I was only visiting for
a few hours convinced him to let me go.   I told the story to the 2 guys on the top of the hill and they waited for me.
Not Niagara Falls but still interesting..
Views on the other side of Lewis Falls.
Views of Lewis falls.
The following are views as we went down the Snake River.
Grand Tetons, Masters of Photography Panoramic Jigsaw Puzzle, 1000 pieces, 39" x 13", photograph by Andy Cook,