07/11/13, 05/18/20
Trafalgar's Scenic Parks Explorer, June 2013 - Page E

Also see 1996 pages (A through I) for other photos of the National Parks.

On June 21st, we headed to Yellowstone National Park.  It began to get colder.  We got rain
and wet snow.  Passengers began to get sick.  Was it Norovirus?   The Tour Director began
sanitizing the bus and the passengers.  We were told to drink lots of fluids and keep
washing/sanitizing our hands.  We were offered sanitizer every time we got off and on the
bus.  Since we changed seats daily, María and I began sanitizing where we sat as an added
precaution.  From this point on one or two passengers would get sick daily.
Luckily,  María and I did not get sick!

In Yellowstone, our hotel room had no radio or TV.  Cell phone reception was nil for most
of the passengers.  We stayed in
Grant Village.  We spent 2 nights here.
Bird in the Yellowstone Lake.  Looks like a sandpiper.
Lake House Restaurant
Yellowstone Lake
Wolf or Coyote?  Seen from the bus.
Buffalo (Bison).  
Photographed from the bus.  
There is no date in lower right hand corner.  
These photos were taken June 22nd.
As you may have noticed, there is no date in lower right
hand corner.  These photos were taken 06/21.
Upper Falls
Dead trees are not removed.  Some trees in park are
being killed by a bug.
Bridge above the falls
Lower Falls
At left, view of Lower Falls with river as it meanders
down the canyon.  Right, view of the canyon on the
other side of falls.

Area where we viewed falls is called Artist Point.
Moss Campion
Postcard.  Photo courtesy of NASA
Next we visited Mammoth Hot Springs
Elk eating.  They wander
freely throughout the area.
The Old Faithful Inn
When I visited in
1996 the Inn was
the only structure
in the area.
Inside the Inn
Fireplace and clock
Visitor Center.  Not here in 1996!
The Lodge
Everyone waiting for the show.  It appears the geyser
has slowed down and now erupts very 90 minutes.
The other side of the Geyser
The Lodge.
This Lodge did not exist in 1996.  
The walk area around the Old Faithful Geyser was not
as wide or long.
Before the eruption
Photographer -
James Blank
A bison taking a break.
Each wing has an slow running elevator.  Some rooms
have shared bathrooms.
May 18, 2020 - Had not noticed before the contrast in
colors.  See the blue peeking through the gray and
white clouds?