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Trafalgar's Scenic Parks Explorer, June 2013 - Page F

Also see 1996 pages (A through I) for other photos of the National Parks.

After we left Yellowstone, we stopped at one of the Continental Divide locations.   

On June 23rd, we left Yellowstone and headed to Cody (Wyoming) and Billings (Montana).   We continued
to make stops along the way.

In Cody, we visited the
Buffalo Bill Historical Center.  In Billings, we had a cowboy dinner with Happy Pappy.

What is the Continental Divide?

The Continental Divide in the Americas is the line
that divides the flow of water between the Pacific Ocean
and Atlantic Ocean. Rain or snow that drains on the
east side of the Continental Divide flows toward the
Atlantic Ocean while precipitation on the west side
drains and flows toward the Pacific Ocean. (However,
some rivers empty into the desert and don't end up
in the oceans.)

The continental divide runs from northwestern
Canada along the crest of the Rocky Mountains to
New Mexico. Then, it follows the crest of Mexico's
Sierra Madre Occidental. In South America, the
Continental Divide lies along the Andes.

Every continent except for Antarctica has a
continental divide.
The morning of June 23rd when we were leaving
Yellowstone there was frost on everything.  Above is
a car, at right is a bench outside the Gift Shop.  
Partial view of inside
the restaurant
As we were leaving Yellowstone, we passed Lake Hotel.
From inside bus.  What you see almost in center of photo
is scratch on the window.
Mary Bay
Our rest stop on the way to Cody
Home to Bighorn Sheep
Shoshone River dam
War lodge -
timber and
"Drama on the Plains",
Alabaster by Allan Houser, 1976
In the museum, I realized the
date stamp was off & turned
it back on.
 Never found out
why it kept turning off.
Bull Rib's on the left; Mad Wolf's on the right.
This section of the museum called "Plains Indians".
Buffalo Bill's section of the museum
I know some of you may have owned or used a
sewing machine similar to this one!  I am too young to
remember a machine like this one!
Monument of Buffalo Bill at
entrance of Cody.
Bill Cody -
"Hard and
Fast All the
Way" by
Peter Fillerup,
bronze, cast 1.
Sacagawea by
Glenna Goodcare,
From the
Western Art
of museum.  
Since we
did not
leave on
time because
a passenger
was taken to
the hospital
across the
street, I decided
to go back into
the museum.  
This piece
is called
"Appeal to the
Great Spirit" by
Cyrus E. Dallin,
1931, bronze.

"Sign Talker -
Blackfoot Man"
1930, bronze

"Indian Warrior"
by Alexander
Phimister Proctor,
Modeled 1998,
copyrighted 1899,
cast 1900-1902.  
Final model
was Weasel Head.
Postcard - From the Whitney Gallery of Western Art, "Last of Their Race",
1857, John Mix Stanley, oil on canvas.

From Cody, we headed to Billings, Montana.  We would have a cowboy
dinner with Happy Pappy.  You can see more photos on the next page.
This and following 2 photos
taken outside the museum.
Possibly the Absaroka Range
Outside the Center
Update - Steamboat
Geyser erupted on
August 1, 2013 ,
first time in over 8
Sacagawea by Harry Jackson.  In court yard of museum.  Sacagawea (also Sakakawea or Sacajawea) was a
Shoshone woman that acted as guide and interpreted for Lewis and Clark.