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Trafalgar's Scenic Parks Explorer, June 2013 - Page H

Also see 1996 pages (A through I) for other photos of the National Parks.

We continued in the Black Hills.  On June 25th, part of the group was taken to Bear Country USA
(Optional Tour).  María and I decided to tour Rapid City on our own.  I took more photos of the
Presidents.  We were picked up after 9 a.m. and on our way to
Mt. Rushmore we picked up the
passengers who were on the Bear tour.   Later that day, María and I went on the
Badlands Optional
Tour.  The entire group went to see the Crazy Horse Memorial.  On our way to Denver, we visited an
area with prairie dogs.

The photos of the Presidents that were taken on June 24th will be combined with those taken on
the 25th.  For more information about the City of Presidents, please click

Passengers continued to get sick.
Inside the museum
Great Faces, Great Places
Next to the Adoba Hotel
Jefferson signing the Constitution
"Dewey Defeats Truman" turned out to be
Benjamin Harrison
23rd President
Andrew Jackson
7th President
Postcard - Photo by Rushmore Photo & Gifts, Inc
Adoba Hotel.  Very nice.

or "Tying on
the Eagle
Dale Lamphere
of Sturgis.

Lakota woman
placing feather
in younger
woman's hair.
Store display.
Keep in mind that all the rock formations (hills,
mountains, canyons, etc) you have seen and will
see have a geological explanation, history, etc.
Outside the Visitor Center
Do you see what I see?  
Does the  dark shape look like a person to you?
Bighorn sheep

Postcard - A Badlands Natural History Association Photo.  Photographer - Laurence Parent

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The clouds at times were mesmerizing
Don't know what's the price for DUI.