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Trafalgar's Scenic Parks Explorer, June 2013 - Page J

On June 27th, we left Denver and headed for Vail, Arches National Park and Moab.

Cell phone (Virgin Mobile) availability is great in the big cities but in the smaller towns and parks it's
non-existent.  While in Adoba Hotel I went online to verify Virgin Mobile's coverage in the area.  There was
none.  It appears phones using Verizon had the best chance of connecting.  In most small towns we
stopped in there were mostly Verizon stores.    From time to time, I'd see an AT&T store.

On the way to Vail, we passed the Eisenhower Tunnel.  The Eisenhower/Johnson Memorial Tunnel, west
of Denver, is the highest vehicle tunnel in the world at 11,155 feet. The Eisenhower Tunnel was the
first of two bores to open to help facilitate easier transportation between Colorado’s east and west slopes.
Blurry.  Taken from inside the bus.  Just wanted to show
that some slopes had snow.
On our way to Vail
There were beautiful flowers everywhere.
Postcard - A full moon rises over Vail.  ©Peter Runyon
We're on our way to Arches National Park
We are back in Utah!
Bus went on Interstate 70 West and then Route 191
Have no idea why this came out this color.  
I didn't change any of the settings.
Every few yards & around every bend there is a sight
to behold!  What beauty!!!!
We made a rest stop in the  Visitor Center.
View from inside the Center.
View of the Visitor Center and
road from a hill.
The Three Sisters
Note - Postcard below refers to them as 3 Gossips
A contorted
figure....hands, legs,
abdomen and a small
head with lots of hair.  
Do you see what I see?
An Ok sign!
Double arch.    
Though not
visible there is
a double arch
in this
See photo at
Postcard - Three Gossips and
Sheep Rock, Arches National
Park.  Photographer - Tom
Stack & Associates.
© Brian Parker
Postcard - Courthouse Towers.  
Photographer - George H. H. Huey
Left - Map of downtown Moab.

Above - Main Street.  Even where there is no traffic light,
people will stop for you as soon as they see you step off
the sidewalk and onto the street.
Mural on the wall of the cantina next to the diner.
Part of Main Street at sunset

On June 28th, we will leave the Best Western Plus in Moab and head for Mesa Verde National Park
and Monument Valley.

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That is the moon in the sky!
This formation looks like an animal.  I see a bison.