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Trafalgar's Scenic Parks Explorer, June 2013 - Page M

On this page, you will see the last photos taken in the Grand Canyon on June 29th.  The remainder
of the photos will be those taken on our way back to Las Vegas on June 30th.  A stop was made in
Seligman, Arizona (Route 66) and we drove through the Mojave Desert.

The photo of the group taken in Utah will also appear on this page.  It was given to us at the end of
our Farewell Dinner on June 29th.  Red border on first photo is part of jacket photo came in.

During the trip we got to see a lot of wild animals.  We saw Pronghorn Sheep, Bighorn Sheep,
Black Bears (including cubs), a Wolf/Coyote, a Fox, Deer, Bison and Elk.  The animal I wanted to
see, and didn't get to see, was a Moose.

All in all it was a great tour.  The Trafalgar brochure described it as "lively" and it was.  

Our Tour Director, Bob, and the bus driver, Mike, were both great.  Bob gave us a lot of information
about what we were seeing and visiting and Mike made sure we got from place to place in a safe and
timely manner.

Though some people got sick, it was mostly over in a day or two.  Norovirus?  Thank God no one was
hospitalized and we were able to complete the trip.  Bob kept reminding us often to sanitize/wash our
hands and drink a lot of water.

Would I recommend this trip to others?  Definitely yes.  However, those with problems walking
should keep in mind that there is a lot of walking and on many days we got off and on the bus often.   
Also, the altitude of the places visited changed daily which can affect ones breathing.

The hotels were all good, some better than others.  My favorite hotel was the Adoba in Rapid City.  
The food was very good in most locations.

The lodge (Yavapai) in the Grand Canyon was operated by the same company, Xanterra, as the one
in Yellowstone.  However, the Yavapai was better.

This tour allowed us to sample beautiful places in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Montana,
South Dakota, and Wyoming.  We also stopped in Idaho and made a u-turn in Nebraska.

America is a beautiful country!  I hope my photos capture this beauty!
A Condor in flight
A few passengers attended a geology lecture given by a
young man in the Canyon.  It was very informative.
Mountain Mahogany
This is on the ground with all Tribe names written on
the outer portion.  Too get everything in a
photograph from ground level.
Leaving the Grand Canyon on June 30th.  We are
now in the first seats, right side of bus.  We started
the tour in seats 13 & 14 and daily moved about 6
rows clockwise.
Postcard - Photographer is Kevin Shields
Two plates photographed before leaving the Canyon.
Notice my reflection at left.
Seligman, Arizona
In the gift shop.
In the barber shop.
Mojave Desert as we headed for Las Vegas and end of trip!
Brown sign is exit for Hoover Dam.
Part of the dam visible from the highway.  
I think we were on Route 40.
Las Vegas in the background.  We were taken to the
airport.  Our Delta flight did not leave until 11:15 p.m.
so we did a lot of walking in the terminal.  The plane
was completely full and seats were very uncomfortable.
Something to do with the dam.
The specks you see are squashed bugs on the windshield.

Note -




spent in



Las Vegas.
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Now to what I didn't like about the tour.

1.  The Delta flight (1429) back to New York was awful.  Plane was full.  Plane needs a good fixing.  
Space between seats is almost non-existent.  Too much luggage in overhead compartments.  
I suppose everyone wants to avoid paying for checked in luggage?

2.  I found some parks are being over developed.  The area around the Old Faithful Geyser is so over
developed  I hardly recognized it.  There are lodges, gift shops, restaurants, etc, all over the parks.  
Don't we have to destroy trees to make these buildings?  I suppose with the number of tourists visiting
the parks there has to be more places to stay, eat, etc????
 I suppose we have to compromise??

I have made a video of some (not all) of the photos found on Pages 2013 A to 2013 M.  
It was not an easy process making the video.  I used Windows Movie Maker since I no longer had Roxio or
any similar program on the PC.  Since the original combined video was too long I had to make it two parts.  

Sorry but the videos were deleted due to problems.

I have yet decided what I will place on the now empty pages.