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Family Tree - A .PDF file of our family tree.  You will have to increase the zoom size (may show
up as 37.6%) to about 100% to be able to read it.  The family tree is updated as I get information
about births/deaths.   Information for the families of Titi Juana and Titi Guilla are very much

Links on page - You can access Adobe's website and the various family trees I have created.

Grandparents - Dedicated To My Grandparents - Photo and Information about Mamá Lola
(Dolores Torrens) and Papá Leo (Leoncio Nieves) and a short story about the family.

Abuelos - Dedicado A Mis Abuelos - Same as above but in Spanish.  

Grandma - Grandma, Tío Teyo and others - Photos of Grandma,Tío Teyo (Eleuterio), Titi Guilla
(Guillermina), Ma, Inda, Min, Glory, Nilsa, Daisy, Iris, Eneida Nieves, Dolores Nieves (Lola), Francisco
Rivera (Frankie), Ivelisse Santos (Gigi), Rodney, Jaime Santos (Cholo), Lizette (Lizzy) and Bernissa.

Ma and Family - Carmen Nieves, (Ma), her children & Others - Various photos of:  
Ma (Carmen Nieves, past and present); Carmen (Min), Gloria (Glory, Glo), Lillian (Lee), María  
(Mery, Mary), and Francisco (Paco).  Papá Leo, Dad (Francisco Sr.), Titi Guilla, Titi Catalina,
Titi Mery (María  Cristina), Titi Paca (Francisca), Titi Juana,Titi Feli (Felicita)and Luis García, Ilma,
María  E. Meléndez-Roebuck, Sophia, Eneida Belardo-Zieris, Lily, Kaylah, and René.

Links on page - You can access Family 28 from bottom of the page.

About Me #1 - Frederiksted, St. Croix - A short story about Frederiksted, where I grew up, etc.  
Photo of house on Queen Cross Street.  Original house on Prince Street no longer exists.

Links on page - You can see map, St. Patrick School's website, St. Joseph School's website and
also can go to My Story Parts A to E.
 (Update - 03/20/13 - My Trend Micro security indicates that St.
Patrick's link is dangerous.  Access to site has been removed.)

About Me #2 - My Different Looks - Photos of me throughout the years!  In December 2010, I
added a few photos and copy of a card to the bottom of the page.  Three more photos added March
Update, 10/9/12 - Added 2 photos of my face after a nasty fall.  Update 04/17/2016 - Added two
photos to bottom of page with me sporting a gray beard grown from July 2, 2015 to April 11, 2016.  
Update, 12/25/16 - Added photo taken 12/2/16 to bottom of page.  Santa hat added by a former co-
Update, April 30, 2017 - Added 3 photos of me with beard which has grown for a year.  
Two photos at age 65, one at age 66.   
Update April 27, 2018 - Added photo of me taken by children
at the Easter Celebration, March 29, 2018.  
Update May 21, 2018 - Added information of the results
of the Geno 2.0 DNA test done at bottom of page.   
Update July 1, 2018 - Moved the DNA
information closer to each other.  
Update September 30, 2018 - Added photo of me using cell
Update October 29, 2018 - Added photo taken at LeFrak City Library on 09/15/2018.

Links on page - You can access 2007 from bottom of page, under photos of me with long hair.  
Page VVVVV,  Easter Celebration of 03/29/2018, shows my long beard. Geno 2.0 website.

Reunion #1 - Family Reunion, 1982, Page 1 - Doña Juana Nieves (Grandma's sister), Titi Feli,
Titi Catalina, Titi Juana, Titi Paca, Titi Moncha (we knew her as Ramona but I was told it should
have been María  Dolores), María  E. Nieves, Don Paco, Camel, Min, María  E. Meléndez-Roebuck,
Dolores (Lolin) Belardo-D'Abreu, Carlos Juan, Nilsa Meléndez, Isabel James (Isabelin), and Jorge
Fredericks; same photo of Ma in color and b/w.  
Update March 30, 2017 - Added photos.

Reunion #2 - Family Reunion, 1982, Page 2 - Doña Juanita, Genoveva, Lolin Encarnación,
Hernan Jr (Puchi), Jorgito (Jorge), Frankie, Carmen Belardo-Asaro (Luz), Louie, John, Francine,
María E. Nieves, Hugo, Yvette, Vinny, Piano, Wilfredo "Freddy" Morales, Angie Morales,
Don Carmelo, Antonia (Toña), and Titi Feli.  
Update March 30, 2017 - Added photos.

The Family pages are photos of the family and friends.

Though the even pages of Family are listed as Familia, most will show up as familyx.html when
you click on the page.  I think 96% of the pages were saved as Family plus the page number but
listed on the navigation bar as Family and Familia.  Something similar applies to the St. Croix
pages.  Some are listed as Sta. Cruz.

Most of the time when an individual is on a page more than once, I may only show the name once
in the information provided.  When listing the names of the individuals by photos, I use a semi-colon
( ; ) to separate the names of the individuals in each photo.

Family #1 - Jessica's Christening, 1979 - Christening of Jessica Morales:  Jessica (baby),
Angie M., Jorge, Nilsa, Freddy, Josefina (Fina) Morales, Angel (Chico) Morales, Johnny Belardo.  
Nilsa and Jessica; Eric, Nelson and Jessica; Jessica.  
Update, 08/23/16 - Added photos of
Jessica's wedding.  Photos sent to me by Nilsa via cell phone.

Familia #2 - Ma, Aunts, Siblings, Nieces/Nephews, and Grandma - First photo was taken at
Titi Paca's and Don Carmelo's 50th Wedding Anniversary (also see Family 6), October 1990; Ma
and Titi Guilla (Guillermina); Titi Juana, Titi Mery and Ma; Titi Guilla; Min, Glory, Nilsa and Daisy;
Glory and her four children (Papo, Cuchie, Maritza and Papo); Cholo, Louie, and Glory; Jorgito
and Nelson; Cuchie, Maritza, Lizzy and Gigi; Glory and Papo; Titi Catalina, Ma, and Titi Paca;  
and Mamá Lola with Titi Guilla and Titi Catalina.  
Update - 03/12/2017:  Added 2 photos:  Me, Cholo,
& Louie, and Maria & Cusa.

Family #3 - Nephews, Nieces, & Grands - Eric, Louie, Lizzy, Gigi, Nelson, Frankie, Daisy,
Rodney, Papo, Maritza, Phyllis (Cuchie), Marc, Jorgito, Jason, Leana, and Steve.

Familia #4 - Aunt, Cousins, Brother, Nephews, In-law & Friends - Titi Catalina,
Nilsa Meléndez; María  Esther Meléndez-Roebuck; Paco; Paco & Papo; Paco, Dawson,
Charlo James & Marrero; Javier; Cholo; Claidy and daughter (?); Jorgito; Papo; and Frankie.

Family #5 - St. Croix, 1987 - Min, Rodney, Louie, Nelson, Leana, Gigi, Daisy, Javier, Paco,
Bernissa, Jessica, Eric, Cuchie, Ma, and Titi Moncha.

Familia #6 - 50th Wedding Anniversary, 10/1990, St. Croix - Titi Paca's and Don Carmelo's
50th Wedding Anniversary.  Titi Paca, Don Carmelo; Eneida, Don Carmelo, Titi Paca, Carmelo Jr.
(Junior), Carmen; Camille, Carmelo III, Paul, Manny, Francine, Michael, Vincent with Titi Paca and
Don Carmelo; Titi Feli, Ma, Don Carmelo, Titi Catalina, Titi Paca and Titi Guilla; Don Pari (Don
Carmelo's brother), Don Carmelo and Titi Paca; Carmelo III, Cusa, Nilsa, Vincent, John, Eneida,
and Carmen on a conga line.

Family #7 - Nephews, Nieces and Cousins - Marc, Bernissa, Nelson; Bernissa, Rodney, Daisy;
Hernan (Puchi), Papo & Jorgito, Marc; Cuchie, and Frankie, Papo; Paul, Camille, and Francine;
Vincent, Michael, and Manny.

Familia #8 - Family and Friends - Ma and Junior dancing; Steve and Shane; María, Denisha &
Omar; Gertrude Nesbitt; Romar and Raissa; María, Marc and Titi Feli; Papo's wedding; Toni-Ann
and Nicole with Titi Paca; Photo of team Leopold Fredericks Jr played with.

Family #9 - More of the family - The Frederiksted Pool in 1996; Yaira; Bernissa & Ibelize; Cusa,
Min, Titi Catalina, Ilma, Ma, Titi Guilla,  Glo, Rodney and Rodney G, Shane, Cholo, Nilsa, Javier,
Paco,Che and Angel (Guilito).

Familia #10 - Family Photos - Nephews, Niece, Cousins and More - Jordan; René; Daisy,
Yaira, Ma, and Min; Jorge and Alba; Piazza family at Mets game; Gigi and Ron; Gigi and Leana;
René & Tarique; Romar;  and René

Family #11 - Jorge's 55th Anniversary - Javier, Cusa, Che, Carmelo, Paco, Bernissa, Iris,
Pedro, Lily, Ma, Min, Nilsa, Glo, Kaylah, René, Viviana and Ezequiel.  Photos taken at Rivera's
residence in Estate St. George's.

Familia #12 - New Family Members & Other Family Members - Nelson & Jessica; Nilsa and
Josiah; Bernissa and Doña Juanita; Titi Juana; Rodney G; Ezequiel, Viviana, Kaylah and René;
Kaylah and René; Jenelle; Nilsa, René and Ma; Ma and her dog Rey; Rey.

Family #13 - Graduates, 2006 - Paco, Bernissa, Nilsa, Cusa, Doña Juanita and René; Alex; Alex
with his proud parents, Paola and Jorgito (AKA Freddy); and Jason.

Familia #14 - Davis Family - Marc, Sabrina and Marc Jordan Kai.

Family #15 - More Family - Iris Nieves' two children, Jasmine and Paul.  Jasmine, Kidalise &
Amadise; Paul, Amaisha, & Amaya; Tarique; René
, Raissa and Romar; Jordan; Eric, Nilsa and
Lilliana; Lilliana with Jessica and René;  Lilliana and René; Lilliana; René and Josiah; Nelson and
Jacqueline; and Nelson & Isaiah.

Familia #16 - Family Photos - Leana, Cusa, Eric, Nelson, Jessica; Lolin Encarnación her brother
Nelson; Eneida Nieves, Nelson Encarnación, Lolin Encarnación, Lola Nieves, and Iris Nieves.

Family #17 - Family Photos - Titi Guilla and Cusa; beautiful tree that flowers all white in
December; Titi Catalina, Ma, & María; María & Cusa; Bernissa and Glory; Leana; Daisy; Eric;
Bernissa, Jason, & Nelson; Jason, Eric and Jessica; Ma, Glory, Cuchie with Jason, & Lillian;
Jessica; Nelson; and Yaira.

Familia #18 - Family Photos - Jessica and Paola; Nelson, Louie, Bernissa, Eric and Jorgito;
Alex; Steve; Jason; Jason and Steve; Lizzy, Ma, Cusa, Titi Catalina, Min, María, Titi Paca, and Glory;
Yaira; Don Carmelo & Paco; Min, Javier and Nilsa; Nelson, Jorge, Paco and Bernissa; and Jorge.

Family #19 - Another Flash to the Past - Titi Guilla, Genoveva; Ma & Jorge with Lizzy in
background; Hanife; Nelson, Eric, Louie, Gigi, Leana; Jorge; Jorge and Eric; Jorge

Familia #20 - Marc Jordan and his twin brothers - Marc Jordan's 4th birthday, Jordan, Sabrina,
Marc, Sabrina's parents, Aaron and Andre.

Family #21 - (To get to this page by typing, you will have to use
Familia21.html.  It's listed as Family 21 on navigation bar but saved as Familia21)  
Christmas 2007 -
Vincent and Isabel; Jordan; Lily, Viviana & Ezequiel; Saks Fifth Avenue windows; Rockefeller Center.

Familia #22 - April and May 2008 - Shane; Frank, Javier, Cusa, Louie Asaro, Paco and Lizzy;
Cusa, Bernissa and Lizzy; Bernissa and Lizzy; Doña Juanita, Lillian, Carmen; Ma; Doña Juanita
and Ma; Francine, Nicole & Toni-Ann; Eneida; Louie, Carmen, Nilsa and René, Louie, Carmen,
Nilsa; Isabelin, Francine, and Nicole; Rodney; Rodney and son, Rodney G.; Jorge & René, Jorge
and Ma; Ma; Ma and Min; Bernissa, Cusa & Paco; Ma.

Family #23 - November 2008 - Ma; René; views of the Rivera's pool, night shots; René; views of
Salt River and surrounding area; the Riveras' new residence; Carmelo and Jorge; René and Kaylah;
Nilsa and Ma; night shots of the stars; views of Salt River; church on highway.

Familia #24 - Recent Additions to Family - Aaron and Andre; Valentina and Vincent; Justin;
Satori; a cousin; Aaron and Andre; Justin; the Davis twins again; Francesco Davis. Trinity Davis.  
Update - 12/16/13 - Added 2 photos to bottom of page, Louie's 2 daughters.

Clicking on Family - Pt. 2 will take you to the second part of the family photos.  On the Home page
the navigation bar shows up as Family - Pt. 2 while on the sub-menu it shows up as Family - #25.

Family - Pt 2 / Family 25 - From Ma's Collection and More - Mamá Lola; Ma; Ma; Jorge and
Ma; Lillian, Ma and Glory; Ma, Titi Paca, Eneida, Luis Garcia, Francine; Titi Paca, Ma, Titi Feli, Luis;
Ma & Daniela (Danny); Titi Mirin; Lillian; Paco; Paco and Freddy; Paco; Jorge; Jorge and Isabel;
Jorge and Lourdes; Nilsa; Camel; Lolin; Pascual Jr (Junior); Eneida; Carmen; Camille, Paul and
Melo; Paul, Camille, and Melo; Isabelin; Judith; Louie; Jorge; group photo - Lee, Ma, María, Glory,
Nilsa and Min.

Familia #26 - Kike's Birthday Party - Various friends of Kike.  Cusa and Paco; Glory; Kike;
views of the area around the beach where party was being held.

Family #27 - More Family Photos - René and Romar; Kaylah; René and Kaylah; Kaylah and
Update - Added photos taken during my one day trip to St. Croix.  Trip taken 4/23/12.  
Gloria, Rene, Nilsa, and Fina.  
Update - Added photo of Ibelize and her son, Jai'Riel, to bottom of
page.  Photo taken 04/23/14.

Familia #28 - In Loving Memory - The booklet from Ma's funeral; the Avis obituary; a poem;
various You Tube songs (Ana Gabriel "Historia de un Amor", and José Feliciano "My World Is
Empty Without You") plus Ma's favorite by Felipe Rodríguez, the words to the song "Amor Eterno"
written by Juan Gabriel, sung by Juan Gabriel and Rocio Durcal; Ma's grave; Nilsa, Glory, René
and Jorge at grave site; inside Ma's apartment; the plants around Ma's apartment.  (Note:  Videos and
songs removed.)

Link on page - Ma and Family.

Family #29 - Back To The Past and More - Group photo with Ma, Inda, Maria Esther & son, Titi
Paca,Titi Guilla; group photo of Maria Esther, Glory, Lillian (?), Min, Ilma, Maria and Nilsa; Glory,
Maria, Lillian, Min and Nilsa; Min, Lillian, and Glory; Nilsa and Maria; Jorge, Jose and Paco; Papo,
Glory & Jorgito; Frankie; Nilsa; Lolin, Yolanda & Nelson; Nelson; Ma; Ma & Titi Paca; Ma with Titi Feli
& Titi Paca; Maria, Marc and Ma; Ronnie, Ma and Marc; Ma and Glory; and Nilsa, Jorge, Glory
and Ma.
Update, 6/27/11 - Added photo of Maria Esther and Richard at bottom of page.  
Update,  10/30/16 - Added photo of Glory and Eneida, taken September 2016.

Familia #30 - Back To The Late 70's - On March 25th, I added old photos to the page.  Photos
taken in Vieques and St. Croix and a few in New York City.  Photos include Ma, Nilsa, Paco, Louie,
Puchi, Cholo, Maria, Cusa, Carmen with Mama Lola and myself.  
Update:  March 30th - Added
photos of fort, theater and Grandparents' grave in Vieques, and photo of Papo.  
Update:  May 14, 2017 - Added more photos to the bottom of the page.  Included are photos of
Ma, Titi Guilla, Titi Paca, Che, Cusa, Isabelin, etc.

Family #31 - Graduations and Trip to St. Croix - René's graduation, LeAnn's graduation,
Nilsa and nieces and nephews on St. Croix, land crabs, baby turtles.

Family #32 - Photos of album dated 1984/85 - Nephews and nieces, Paco, Jorge, Ma, Nilsa,
Johnny, Lourdes, Eloy, Isabel, Alba, etc.   Photo of me meeting the Commissioner of the Social
Security Administration.

Family #33 - September 2018 - Beginning of a new page, photo taken September 5th of María,
Maritza and Jorge

Family #34 - April 2020 - Added photos of family and friends, some of which may appear on other
pages.  Photos were not watermarked.

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Links on this page - You can access USVI Tourism, St. Croix Landmarks Society, news about
St. Croix, information about Vieques and Puerto Rico, Lancaster, PA, information about cruises,
L&M Tours, Dennelisse Corporation, Fruits of Caribbean, and stories about the Baobab tree.  
You can also Contact Me via this page.

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The pages under US Virgin Islands are mostly of St. Croix with a few of St. Thomas.

Here the odd pages are listed in Spanish, Sta. Cruz for Santa Cruz.

US Virgin islands - Post cards of the Virgin Islands and Flag - Here you will see a cards
showing the islands, St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas plus the USVI flag.  There is a link to Yahoo
maps.  At the bottom of the page you can click "here" to get to various links that will give you more
information.    Also shown is a list of important dates.   You can also go to
My Story - A for more

Links on page - At bottom there are many links that will take you to other sites about the USVI.  
Link to Yahoo Web Hosting also included.

Towns of St. Croix - Two Main Towns of St. Croix - a street map for each town.  For more
information, you can go to
My Story - B.

Sta. Cruz #1 - St. Croix - House we lived in on Queen Cross Street; gingerbread home on Strand
(Gardine residence); bandstand; Fort Frederick; Frederiksted from the air; what was once Don
Maldonado's shop; waterfront park; windmill; dock and submarine docked; new dock being built;
mill; copy of a glass mill.

St. Croix #2 - St. Croix - What remained of Kindergarten on Prince Street; Kindergarten ruins
after Hurricane Hugo; old convent; St. Patrick's School; view of Prince Street from Queen Cross,
visible is wall of old Anglican cemetery; house on King Street; houses on Queen Street; Strand
Street from pier; Creque Dam; old aqueduct system.

Sta. Cruz #3 - Views of Christiansted from Hermon Hill/Flowers - Views of Christiansted and
Protestant Cay; flamboyant; Ginger Thomas (official flower of the VI), bougainvillea, hibiscus, views
of Davis Bay and Carambola, a mongoose.

St. Croix #4 - St. Croix - Two renovated houses on Queen Street close to Fisher Street;
waterfront; Radisson Diamond cruise ship; Davis Bay and Carambola (again); Salt River; mural
on wall housing water pumps in Harrigan Court Project; lagoon in Frederiksted; wasp nest;
scenes of parade in Christiansted (1993); Jason; Nilsa, Gigi, Jessica, Eric, Nelson and Lizzy.

Sta. Cruz #5 - More Views of St. Croix - Corner of Prince and Market Streets, what was once
Westley Thomas' store; corner of Prince and Queen Cross Streets; what was Don Domingo's
store on Queen Cross St; what was once Bata (shoe store); my name written on the cement of the
gutter on Prince Street, close to Queen Cross; monument to those that died in 1867 tsunami, St.
Patrick's church yard; views around the Divi Hotel in Christiansted.

Links on page - Sidewalk photo of GEO can take you to St. Croix 15B.  Two links found  with

St. Croix #6 - More views of St. Croix - Durant Tower; painting of Durant Tower by Dove;
mural on wall on King Street, between Hill and Market Streets; blue pigeon; hermit crab (solja crab);
a wasp nest; and pasteles (made by Ma).

Sta. Cruz #7 - St. Joseph's High School - Photos taken around St. Joe's.  Statue.  Classmates.  
Photo of graduating class.  Photos from yearbook.  The Staff.  Updated photos taken in June 2010.

Links on page - To My Story E and St. Joe's website.

St. Croix #8 - The Ovesen Collection - Black and white photos taken by Mr. Axel Ovesen.  
Building where Frederiksted Clinic located, where Morales family lived & had restaurant, Durant
Tower, old pier, chapel at Montpelier, Bethlehem Sugar Factory, Caribair plane, an article "The Dane
Who Stayed" by Nina York about Mr. Ovesen, Christian Supermarket, Suarez Supermarket, parade in
honor of Buddhoe, parade celebrating 100 years of Emancipation, Queen Street looking south
towards market, St. Patrick's steeple's fire.   
Update, December 21, 2010 - Added a photo of Mr.
Ovesen, Alexander Theater, and what was once Mr. Shade's residence on Prince Street.

Links on page - St. Croix Landmark's Society, Photo Store, and Shutterfly.  Information about
Buddhoe (Bordoux) can also be accessed.  There is also reference to St. Croix 23 and 24.

Sta. Cruz #9 - The New Strand Street - Waterfront and Pier - Photos were taken May 29, 2006.  
Views of the renovated area around the pier.

St. Croix #10 - St. Croix, 2006-2007 - Jessica and Jorge; René, Nilsa, Kaylah and Jorge;  
Jessica; René and Kaylah; Creque Dam; Jessica; beer drinking pig; Salt River; Nilsa, Jessica,
René & Kaylah standing where construction of new home for Rivera family would begin; baobab
tree in Christiansted; seaplane; Christiansted harbor; Kaylah; Queen Cross St. in Christiansted;
Government House; what was once Seven Flags bar and restaurant; René using an old pump in
Strand Street Park;  ship and pier; Art Museum; what was once Bata, painting done by student
from Good Hope; Lee, Shane, Jenelle; Jenee, Briana and Leana; Jenee, Leana & Briana; south
shore; Shane, Briana and Jenee; Davis Bay and Carambola (again).

Sta. Cruz #11 - Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Governor's Inauguration -
Daisy, Yaira; Jason, Yaira, Jessica; Jessica, Nilsa; Jorge, Min, Yaira; Ma, Hernan Sr.; Cusa, Bernissa,
Paco, Jessica; Cusa, Bernissa, Paco; Jessica, René, Nilsa, Kaylah, Bernissa, Paco; Jessica, René,
Kaylah, Bernissa; Ma, Bernissa, Nilsa, Jessica, René, Kaylah; René with Jade and Jasir; Carmelo;
Carmelo and Nilsa.

St. Croix #12 - J'Ouvert (1/4), Children's (1/5) and Adult's (1/6) Parades - Various photos of
j'ouvert and parades; Yaira and Julio Peterson (Mr. and Miss St. Croix); Mae Louise Williams and
Jorge; Carmelo enjoying parade; Bernissa, Cusa, Nilsa and René on the sidelines enjoying parade;
Cusa, Nilsa, Ma, and Bernissa; a photo of the 1981 parade that was almost canceled due to the rain.

Sta. Cruz #13 - More photos of St. Croix - Signs showing Queen Cross and Prince St; pillar
that was once part of Montpellier Chapel; Baron Spot supermarket; Min/Javier's house being built;
Fort Chistiansvaern in red and yellow; Jorge's 40th Anniversary, April 1991 - Jorge, Titi Paca, Don
Carmelo, Ma, Titi Guilla, Daisy, Piano, Wilfredo, Che, Rodney, Lee; shrine in area where Montpelier
Chapel once stood; Wendy's on Strand Street; Javier, Ma, Min and Rodney at Wendy's; clock tower;
schooner at pier; Jorge picking guavas; Jorge picking guavaberries; a guavaberry tree.

Links on page - The pillar of the entrance to Montpellier Chapel linked to St. Croix 8 and St. Croix 30.  
Linked to St. Croix 28 for new Clock Tower.

St. Croix #14 - More photos of St. Croix - On the beach: Jessica & Bernissa, Yaira; Steve and
Leana; Adult's Parade January 1992; photos of the parade; people watching parade; Ma's pasteles
(again); 1992 Triathlon poster; Hotel on the Cay; Papo participating in Triathlon; Papo getting on
their bikes; Papo returning from last leg of race; the finish line; Christiansted from Hermon Hill;
Frederiksted lagoon from Sunair plane; blue pigeon (again).

Sta. Cruz #15A - Trip to St. Croix & St. Thomas, 2007; St. Croix 2009 - Leaving St. Croix
for St. Thomas (we took a ferry): fort and town of Christiansted can be seen; a few photos of parade
on St. Thomas; Yaira; 2007 Ironman Triathlon:  Nilsa handing water to athletes, Jorge prepared to
hand water to athletes; Carmelo and co-workers; a group photo with one of the athletes; posters of
past Triathlons; entrance to Buccaneer Hotel; views of area around Buccaneer; athletes on bikes;
Nilsa and María (Carmelo's sister) resting; athletes running in and out of Buccaneer.

Links on page - Chris McCormack's website, St. Croix's Ironman 70.3 Triathlon.

St. Croix #15B - Trip to St. Croix, 2007 & August 2008 - Hibiscus, orchid, cactus with flowers;
where Don Domingo once had a store; Nielson's residence on Queen Street; again, where I wrote
my name on the cement of gutter (again); trees used by egrets to rest and nest; sweet pepper from
Ma's garden; various flowers from Ma's garden: some unknown, pink allamanda, zinnia;
flamboyant in two colors; hibiscus that does not open; other flowers; Maltese cross flower; giant
egret; mountain dove; a sparrowhawk or American Kestrel; Sunshine mall; a rainy day.  
- Added name of two plants, bromelia.

Sta. Cruz #15C - Trip to St. Croix, 2007 - Touring St. Croix with Daisy and Guilito.  Deer on
Scenic Road; Point Udall; cacti on East End; Daisy and Guilito; Exploring with Rodney.

St. Croix #16 - St. Patrick's School - Back in The Days - The statue inside the school.  Pages
from various yearbooks; a tile depicting St. Patrick's Church.

Links on page - St. Patrick School's website, My Story C.

Sta. Cruz #17 - Views of St. Croix - View of new pier; Fort Frederik; Harrigan Court; houses on
the various hills; lagoon; coral pool (referred to by some as Sweet Bottom Bath; Hams Bluff; Fort
Frederik and clock tower; Carlton Beach;  views seen from Carlton Beach; Salt River; King Street,
Christiansted; Steeple Building, Christiansted; East End; Harrigan Court.  
March 30, 2017 - Added
photo of the "pool" found on northside.  Some call it Sweet Bottom Bath others Monk's Bath.

St. Croix #18 - St. Croix, 2008 & 2009 - Flora and Fauna - Iguanas; blue pigeon; pink
frangipani; bougainvillea, white and pink; hibiscus; Sago Palm; yellow cedar; orchid; flower of aloe
plant; pigeon peas; pride of Barbados or Dwarf Poinciana; Christmas Palm; hummingbird; lizard;
sandpiper, American Kestrel or Sparrowhawk; another iguana; gray kingbird (chincheree); thrush;
another hummingbird; egrets nesting; an iguana in tree, another on fence; Coleus; bougainvillea;
purple wreath; coral hibiscus; snail; sea urchins; the moon.  Some photos taken around Ma's

Links on page - Slide show of photos, and St. Croix 15-B.

Sta. Cruz #19 - Grand Kids, New Home - Nilsa's grandchildren:  Lilliana and Eric Jr; the
construction of Riveras' residence in Judith Fancy; views of Salt River.

In 2008, I decided to take photos of all the buildings in Frederiksted, street by street.  Page 20 to 25
are the photos I took.  Additional photos were taken during subsequent trips I made to the island.  
St. Croix streets are 7 x 7, 7 going west to east (Fisher, Queen Cross, King Cross, Hill, Market,
Custom and Lagoon Street) and 7 going south to north (East, New, Hospital, Prince, Queen, King,
and Strand). You can see the layout on Towns of St. Croix page by clicking

St. Croix #20 - Frederiksted, Street By Street - Mars Hill, East Street,  and New Street and
cross streets.

Sta. Croix #21 - Frederiksted, Street By Street - Custom House Street, Hospital Street and
cross streets.  (Note - Custom House Street became two sections when the government office and
residences were built between Queen and Prince Streets and Market and Lagoon Streets.)

St. Croix #22 - Frederiksted, Street By Street - Fisher Street close to Prince Street, Prince
Street, and cross streets.

Link on page  - St. Croix 8 for old photo of Peter Christian's market.

Sta. Cruz #23 - Frederiksted, Street By Street - Queen Street and cross streets.

Links on page - St. Croix 8, St. Croix 31 and Family 27.

St. Croix #24 - Frederiksted, Street By Street - King Street and cross streets.

Sta. Cruz #25 - Frederiksted, Street By Street - Before Strand Street, Strand Street (once
known as Bay Street) and cross streets.

Link on page - Reference to St. Croix 27A, and St. Croix 28.

St. Croix #26 - St. Croix - Photos taken in Christiansted.  Scale House; Custom House; Fort,
Custom House & bandstand; Hospital Street with Steeple in background; Fort;  View from Queen
Street; Protestant Cay and hotel; Market; King Street; Lutheran Church; Frederiksted - Ship in port;
Fort Frederick; eel; sun set; display at Whim Museum; Mill; Creque Dam; original homes in Grove
Place; painting of Ludvig E. Harrigan on wall of building in Harrigan Court; sunset; Back to
Christiansted: words of signs close to historic buildings; Steeple; Gallows Bay area; conch shells;
sail boats.

St. Croix - Pt. 2 is the next navigation bar but before I explain those pages, I will explain the other
navigation bars located on the US Virgin Islands' main page.  The pages are Hugo 1 and 2, Fruits 1
and 2, Crucian, Est. Coble, Est. Whim, Crucian Memories, Vieques, My Story A to F.  New York,
Cruises, By Air and Contact Me will be explained some place else.  

Hugo #1 - Hurricane Hugo, 1989, Page 1 - Photos of the destruction created by Hurricane Hugo,
September 1989.  St. Thomas, aerial view of St. Croix from American Airlines jet, airport, town, St.
Patrick's Church, view around town.

Hugo #2 - Hurricane Hugo, 1989, Page 2 - Paco's house, his neighbors', Hotel on Cay, Strand
Street Park, view in town, dock, parade.

Link to information about Climatology.

Fruits #1 - Fruits of St. Croix, Page 1 - Baobab, sugar apple, mespel, guava, seaside grapes,

Links on page - Various links to Baobab tree.  Also reference to other fruits on St. Croix 27B.

Frutas #2 - Fruits of St. Croix, Page 2 - Locust, papaya, passion fruit, pomegranate, coco plum,
sour sop, custard apple, local plums.

Link on page - Reference to more fruits on St. Croix 27B.

Crucian - A not too complete dictionary of the dialect spoken on St.Croix.  Update, 01/10/2012 -
Added "Inkberry Tree" and a link to a story about the Inkberry Tree.  
Update, 09/27/17 - Phrase
added, entries modified.  

Link on page - Reference to Crucian Carp.  Update, 01/10/2012 - Added link to a story about the
Inkberry Tree.

Est. Coble - Estate Coble - What I remember of Estate Coble. Photos of the area as seen in
December 2009.

Est. Whim - Estate Whim - What I remember of Estate Whim, La Granja.

Crucian Memories - Sweet Childhood Memories of St. Croix - A poem of my memories
growing up on St. Croix.  
March 14th - Added quotation marks to the Spanish names of food, etc.  
Explanation of what the items are also given in parenthesis.  Some explained on bottom of page.  
Update, 03/21/21 - Revisions made.

Vieques - The Vieques Connection - How my family ended up on St. Croix.  The flags of Vieques
and Puerto Rico.

My Story A - St. Croix, USVI - History of St. Croix plus my take on certain issues.

My Story B - Frederiksted - What I recall of Frederiksted.  Update, June 29,2017 - Added a
Word 2013 document to the bottom of the page.  The document is based on a email received from
someone who lived on St. Croix for a while.  The contents of the email moved me so I decided to
share it with everyone.

My Story C - St. Patrick's School - What it was like attending St. Patrick's School.

My Story D - Harrigan Court - Growing up in a housing project.  Nothing like it is today!

My Story E - St. Joseph's School - What it was like attending St. Joseph's High School.

My Story F - Frederiksted - Then and Now - A Word document of a tour I took of Frederiksted,
street by street.

USVI - Part 2 / Sta. Cruz #27 A - St. Croix - Photos taken November to December 2009:  
Moon at night, moon during the day; Estate St. George's Botanical Garden; Prince Street, new
Danish School; Verne I Richards Veterans Memorial Park; Frederiksted Hotel; Apothecary Hall
Pharmacy sign; tombstone; rainbow; panoramic view of dock and park; Estate Bethlehem Sugar
Factory Restoration; pier; views of island from pier; Strand Street and Fort from pier; clock tower;
Update, 05.25.2015 - Added old black and white postcard of Bethlehem Sugar Factory.

Link on page - Reference to St. Croix 25.

St. Croix #27 B - St. Croix - More photos of November to December 2009 trip:  lizard on pole;
birds on wire; butterfly; American Kestrel or Sparrowhawk; mountain doves; large egret; egret
having lunch; pelican; tamarind; pomegranate flowers (Ma's tree); pomegranate (Ma's tree);
opened pomegranate (Ma's tree); sugar apple; pigeon peas (from Ma's plants); pigeon peas
flowers; avocados; passion fruit; flowers from Ma's garden; Mahogany tree seed pod.

Link on page - Reference to fruits on Fruits 1 and 2.

Sta. Cruz #27 C - St. Croix - Still more photos of November to December 2009 trip:  Various
cruise ships; views of park; cruise ship leaving at night; airport; San Juan's airport.

Links on page - You can obtain information on various cruise lines on this page.
Update (03/26/13) - Added link to first page of 2011 cruise on photo of Adventure of the Seas.

St. Croix #28 - St. Croix - Photos taken during my January 10th to 23rd trip:  bougainvillea; wild
flower; sunset; lizard laying egg; Bethel Methodist Church; beach area; cruise ship in port; René;
park by fish market; seaside grapes; Caribbean Sea; pelicans; sign on house on Strand Street;
clock tower; plaque honoring Ms. James McBean; clock tower from Fort; inside Fort museum;
René; more displays; Jorge; more displays; yard of Fort; more displays; René outside; Westleyan
Holiness Church under construction; wild flower; ants hill; jo-jo plum (local fruit); white guava;
sunset; Yellow Breast (Banana Quit, Sin-Sin); black faced Grassquit (finch, Sparrow).

Links on page - Reference to St. Croix 25 and 27A, photo of Banana Quit.  Linked to St. Croix 13 to
see "old" Clock Tower.

Sta. Cruz #29 - St. Croix - Photos taken during my June 20th to June 23rd trip:  San Juan's
airport; remodeled market on Queen/Market Streets; old bus stop (shanti); Riveras' residence,
Judith Fancy; photos taken from Riveras' residence; palm at entrance of Harrigan Court; flowers
from Ma's plants; flamboyant; other flowers.

Link on page - Family 28.

St. Croix #30 - June 2011 - Palms at Pelican Cove hotel: views around hotel: fish trap (fish pot):
Noni fruit; hermit crab; Ma's grave, Nilsa, Maria, Jose, & Phyllis and Jorge;  house in Little
La Grange, structure in Montpellier; views of Christiansted; flower and fruit of Baobab tree;
The Beast; sign showing Sandy Point Reserve; Jose and Maria at the Frederiksted pool; Prosperity
beach; Jorge with long hair then short; frangipani; Kaylah; Kaylah and Rene; Maria and Nilsa; Jose,
Jorge and Rene; gooseberries; views from Nilsa's house; Maria and Gloria; The Castle; Harrigan
Court; and pineapple.

Links on page - Information about Pelican Cove, American Airlines, Noni fruit, reference to
Family 28, reference to St. Croix 10 and St. Croix 13.  
Update 03/27/13 - There is a link on the
photo of the gooseberries to a West Indian Gooseberry Syrup and Candy.

St. Croix #31 - April 23, 2012 - A one day trip to St. Croix for my birthday.  Ma's grave, views
of the island.  Photo of El Morro at Jet Blue terminal in San Juan.

St. Croix #32 - April 23, 2013 - A one day trip to St. Croix for my 62nd birthday.  Photos of C'sted
from Bypass, east end, Point Udall, Buck Island, etc.    

Link  on page - Buck Island National Park.    

St. Croix #33 - April 23, 2014 - Another one day trip to St. Croix for my 63rd birthday.  Photos of
F'sted from plane, display at JFK.

St. Croix #34 - April 23, 2015, April 23, 2016, and April 23, 2017  - Another one day trip to
St. Croix for my 64th birthday.  Photos of F'sted from plane, Mother's grave, old photos of C'sted,
planes at airport, 28 Queen St., and 48 Queen Street.  
Update, May 1, 2016:  Added photos of April 23,
2016 trip to St. Croix for my 65th birthday - Views from plane, F'sted, cemetery, new centennial plate,
stewed goat at Harvey's.  
Update, April 30, 2017:  Added photos taken on April 23, 2017 to bottom of
page.  Photos include some taken from inside plane, East End, Strand Street, Ma's grave, etc.  
Update, June 18, 2017:  Added 3 photos of 28 Queen Street to April 2015's photos.  Taken by Nilsa
with cell phone.

Links - Hummingbird Airlines, St. Croix 23, Page NNNNN, About Me 2

St. Croix  #35 - April 2018 - A one day trip to St. Croix from my 67th birthday.  Photos taken on
planes from San Juan to St. Croix, photos taken from car, cemetery, short walking tour in
Frederiksted to photograph some of the homes affected by Hurricane Maria in 2017, photos
taken on flight from St. Croix to San Juan, terminal A in San Juan.  
Update:  April 30, 2018 - Added
3 photos taken in cemetery with cell phone.  
July 2, 2018 - Posted two postcards of views of C'sted
and F'sted around 1850.

Links - Crossed referred houses in F'sted with damage to St. Croix 20 to 25.

St. Croix #36 - June 2019 - Trip to St. Croix for Class Reunion.  Photos at JFK, moon, in and
around Frederiksted, the Fred Hotel.

Link - The Fred Hotel.

St. Croix #37 - June 2019 - 50th Class Reunion.  Also added photos and other material of the
1989 20th Anniversary Reunion.

The New York pages have to do with New York City (The Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and
Staten Island) plus trips I have taken to areas close by.

New York 1 / New York - New York City - Here you will find an explanation of my life in
New York City, plus the flags of New York City, New York State and City and that of the U.S.A.

Link on page - Reference to Yahoo Web Hosting.

Page A - Cusa's and Paco's Wedding, 1978 - Paco and Cusa; Roberto, Isabel, Paco and Cusa;
Titi Paca, María, Cusa, Paco, & Ma; Carmen, Louie, Cusa, Paco, Paul, Junior, Iris, & Ma; María,
Molina, Paco, Cusa, & Ma; Jorge, María, Paco, Cusa, & Ma; Titi Paca and Ma; Nilsa, Jorge and
Cusa in the snow.

Page B - Central Park, 1978/79 - Various views of the park.

Links on page - To Pages DDDD and EEEE, more photos of Central Park.

Page C - Brooklyn, Manhattan 1978/79 - St. Francis College (my Alma Mater); World Trade
Center, monument in Battery Park; Downtown Brooklyn (Fulton Street) in black and white and
color; Statue of Liberty; World Trade Center as seen from the Hudson River.

Page D - 1980, 1986 - Titi Paca; Marc in a tree; Daisy, Jorge, & María on ferry to Bear Mountain;
Daisy, Frankie, Min, Javier, & Rodney in Central Park; Titi Paca, Ma, Paco, Cusa, & Jorge (long
beard and hair) in backyard of Junior/Iris's home in Queens; Phyllis' (Cuchie) graduation:  Glory,
Cuchie, & Maritza; Glory, Cuchie, & Ma; Nilsa, Glory, Cuchie, & María; Ma, Cuchie & Jorge; Cuchie;
Nilsa, Jorge, Glory, & Ma; Dancing group: Johnny and María, Maritza, Cuchie, Jorge and Glory;
Eric & Jessica; Henry; Henry and Henry.

Link on page - About Me 2.

Page E - 1986 and 1987 - Eric; Jessica; Nilsa and Jessica (subway); Ma & Jorge in Victor's Café,
71st Street, Manhattan; downtown during the 1986 Harbor Festival; ships; Jorge at work; Unisphere
in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.

Page F - 1987 - Jorgito & Paola; Jorgito & Paola in observation deck of World Trade Center; Paola
& Jorgito; Brooklyn Bridge; Paola & Jorgito on train; Paola in front of St. Patrick's Cathedral; Paola
& Jorgito in Rockefeller Center; Jorge and Jorge (Jorgito or Freddy).

Page G - Views From My Apartment, 1988, 2007; Shea Stadium 2008, Etc. - A snow storm,
January 1988, views from my apartment; trees all in white; fall foliage, November 2007, park across
street from my apartment; Shea Stadium; CitiField being built to replace Shea Stadium; views of
CitiField; Willets Point Subway Station; sunrise Christmas Day 2008; February 2009, what's left of
Shea Stadium as it's being torn down to make a new parking lot; CitiField; pigeons on the
JC Penney sign; the new Rego Center mall being built, Junction Blvd and Horace Harding Exp.

Links on page - Reference to Pages EE, OOOO and PPPP.

Page H - Marc's High School Graduation, 1988 - Invitation; Marc and classmates; receiving
diploma; María and Marc; Alba, Marc & Nora; Marc and Yanet; Marc.

Page I - Thanksgiving 1988 - María, Marc & Yanet; Manuel, Marc & María; Marc, María & Alba;
Carmencita; Johnny & Jimmy; Johnny; Eloy & Jorge; Jimmy; everyone enjoying a good dance.

Page J - Various Trips - walking, bus, train - 1992 - Intrepid Museum; Verda & Mildred (former co-
workers at SSA); Verda & Marie in Chinatown; Brooklyn Promenade; view from Promenade
which includes World Trade Center; Statue of Liberty; Verda, Marie & Mildred in Mystic Seaport;
Verda, Jorge & Mildred; Aquarium; Mildred, Verda, Ben and Marie in Kitchen Kettle; Marie, Mildred
and Verda walking back to bus, Farmer's Market; Mildred, Marie, Ben and Verda in front of Domenico
Tours bus (my first trip to Penn-Dutch); Amish man harvesting corn.

Link on page - Information about Amish.

Page K - Alex, May 1989 - Paola & Alex; Jorgito & Alex; Glory & Alex; Ma & Alex; María & Alex;
Paola and Jorgito when Alex was born.

Page L - Washington,  DC, May 15, 1993 - The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum; Capitol;
Statue of Capitol being restored; Vietnam War Memorial; Lincoln Memorial; Jefferson Memorial;
mural outside Kennedy Center; sculpture of John F. Kennedy; White House; Washington Memorial.

Page M - Hershey, PA; Mystic, CT; Gasho's/Brotherhood Winery, NY - 2005 - Hershey; Elton
and Jorge at Hershey; Hershey Gardens; Elton; Jorge and Elton outside Mystic Aquarium; Elton at
Koi pool at Gasho's; Elton in Brotherhood Winery; map of Hershey Gardens.

Page N - Toni-Ann's First Communion Celebration - Toni-Ann; Toni-Ann & Vincent; Francine;
Vincent C; Kathy & Louie; Louie, Ann (his mother) & Rosie (his sister); Walter, Paul & Michael;
Vincent, Eneida, & Don Carmelo; Titi Feli and Luis (her husband); Paul; Don Carmelo, Eneida, Ma &
María; Titi Feli, Ma, María & Eneida (Nen).

Page O - Trip to Lancaster, PA, May 29, 2006 - Ma on bus; Ma & Jorge in front of Amish
buggy; Ma & Jorge in Kitchen Kettle; Ma & Elton; Ma & Jorge at Eli's; Eli's Countryside Road-Stand
before and after; Ma & Jorge next to bus; Ma & Elton next to bus; a farm; a photo of farm taken
from a calendar.  
October 28, 2006: Back to Penn-Dutch - Elton at a farm; a farm next to Eli's;

Link on page - Information about Amish.

Page P-1 - 25th Anniversary, June 25th - 2006 in Brooklyn: Carmen & Louie's 25th Wedding
Anniversary; Invitation; Louie & Carmen; Louie & Carmen; Carmen; Carmen & Many (son); Louie &
Louis (son); Kathy, Carmen & Heidi (friend); Carmen & Michael; Carmen & Jorge; Jorge & Carmen
dancing; Jorge & María; Camille & Isabel (daughter); Isabel.

Page P-2 - 25th Anniversary, June 25th - Manny & Elyana; Serafina & Michael; Vinnie, Melo,
Francine, Camille, Manny, Paul & Michael; Melo, Vinnie, Francine, Camille, Manny, Paul & Michael;
Elyann, Alessia, Vincent, Nicholas, Isabel, Nicole, Toni-Ann, Bryan, and Michael; Christine, Ann
and Rosie; Mr. & Mrs. Weber; Walter, María, Francine and Camille; Manny; Bryan; Melo and Bryan;
Melo; Manny with friends; Louie & friends.

Page Q - July 4, 2006 - A day tour to Connecticut:  Elton; locomotive; Elton; Jorge; Elton; Jorge;
Elton; old car; flowers; Deep River Landing; Jorge on ferry; Elton on Ferry; Gillette castle;
locomotive; inside locomotive.

Page R - Don Carmelo's 90th Anniversary - Don Carmelo, Eneida; Carmelo, Carmen, Vincent;
Carmelo, Carmen, Vincent; Carmen, Vincent, María; Carmelo, Carmen, Vincent, María, Camille;
María, Camille, Iris, Walter; Iris & Camille (mother & daughter); Michael, Carmelo, Toni-Ann,
Carmen, Isabel, Nicole; Michael and wife, Serafina; cake; Don Carmelo; Eneida, Carmelo; Eneida,
Carmelo & Carmen (father & his two daughters); Michael, Carmen, Vincent & Carmelo; Nicole,
Michael, Carmen, Vincent, Carmelo; Nicole, Michael, Vincent, Toni-Ann, Carmelo and Isabel;
Toni-Ann, Nicole, Michael, Carmen, Vincent, Carmelo.

Page S-1 - The Supremes - Photos of Diana, Mary, Florence, Cindy, Jean, etc.  Update 03/31/13 -
Added B/W photo of Supremes, Diana Ross & colored photo of Mary.  Mary's photo is signed.  
Update 12/16/13 - Added photo of the Supremes (Scherrie, Susaye, Mary) to bottom of page.
Update, 11/13/16 - Added a photo of Supremes to bottom of page.

Links on page - Mary Wilson's site, Former Ladies of the Supremes site, Motown Museum.

Page S-2 - More Supremes - Photos, etc, from Norwin's collection; Motown Café; Lynda,
Norwin, Scherrie and friends; Frances Nero; Jorge & Mary; Elton, Mary and Jorge; Lynda, Jean &
Scherrie; Cindy & Jean; posters done by Elton; Norwin & Mary; Jorge & Mary; Signed photo
of Mary.

Page T - Lost River Caverns, Sand Castle Winery - Elton; gift shop/entrance to cave; cave;
Elton & María; inside cave; Elton & María; the winery; the vineyard; Elton; post card.

Page U - The New Alaska - Photos of Fredericks family in Colorado.  Alex, Jorgito & Paola.

Page V - More Photos - At the old Social Security office on Horace Harding, packing to move to
new building in Jamaica; lobby of new building; my retirement party; Norwin at The Supremes star
in Hollywood; post card of World Trade Center lit up; Elton; Jorge; Jorge, Mario and Tommi.

Page W - More Photos - Jorge, Sabrina and Jordan; Jordan & Jorge; vies from my terrace;
Yvonne in Penn-Dutch; flowers; magnets on my refrigerator; morning glory plant; morning glory

Page X - Thimble Islands Cruise - María and Elton; various views from the ferry including homes.

Link on page - Thimble Islands.

Page Y - Mashantucket Pow Wow - Yvonne with one of the participants; various photos of the

Link on page - Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation.

Page Z - Preserving Lancaster's Farms - Information about Lancaster; a brick I ordered and is
placed in Kitchen Kettle; Who are the Amish?; a group photo at the Riehl's farm.

Links on page - Lancaster, PA, L&M Tours, Lancaster Farmland Trust, Turkey Hill, and Kitchen Kettle

Page AA - National Christmas Center - Paradise, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; María; inside the
Christmas Center; group photo outside the Center.

Links on page - Penn-Dutch, Good N' Plenty Restaurant, L&M Tours, and National Christmas Center.

Page BB - Philadelphia Flower Show - María; various displays; around Philadelphia:
Chinatown, Independence Hall, Liberty Hall.

Links on page - L&M Tours, Philadelphia Flower Show.

Page CC - Coney Island - Brooklyn, New York.  The subway station; various views of Coney
Island: the boardwalk, games, rides, and beach.  The famous Cyclone.  Updated 07/05/11 - More
photos of Coney Island; photos of artwork at Neptune Avenue, Delancey Street on F Line; and
photo of poster on F train.

Link on page - Luna Park.

Page DD - Day at Garlic Festival - Hudson Valley Garlic Festival.  Ramapo rest stop; at the
Garlic Festival; Elton; Jorge; falls.

Links on page - Hudson Valley Garlic Festival and Saugerties.

Page EE - Bus Tours of October 18 & October 25, 2008 - Mall on Junction Blvd under
construction; rest stop on the way to Painted Pony Restaurant; Painted Pony Restaurant;
New England Carousel Museum; Fire House Museum; Litchfield, Connecticut; Penn-Dutch
on a rainy day.

Links of page - Painted Pony Restaurant, Carousel Museum, Litchfield, and White Flower Inn;
reference to Page G and First Congregational Church.

New York - Pt. 2 / Page FF - Bethlehem, Pennsylvania - Charlie Brown's; Christkindlmarkt;
inside the market; various views of the town of Bethlehem; The Putz; sculptures outside the
Banana Factory Art center.

Link on page - Bethlehem, PA.

Page GG - Views of Queens and Manhattan - All on Queens Blvd:  Queens Center Mall; what
was once St. John's Hospital; Capital One Bank, originally Jamaica Savings Bank, shape is said
to be a bird in flight; The Rock Church, once the Elmwood Theater; Queens Place Mall; the First
Presbyterian Church.  Elmhurst Hospital on Broadway; Reformed Church of Newton on Corona
Avenue; flowers on Broadway; Manhattan:  Carnegie Hall, 57th Street; view of a 5 buildings;
Bryant Park; various buildings; Empire State Building; Library on 5th Avenue; Chrysler Building;
view from 43rd Street; plants.  (Note - on April 20, 2013 the Capital One Bank closed down.)

Links of page - The Rock Church in Queens, Hearst Building on 8th Avenue, reference to Page KK and
Page LL.

Page HH - Quest For Freedom Tour - Plain and Fancy; flower; farms; Meeting Hall; actor that
explained the Underground Railroad in Lancaster; tomb stones of Gibbons family; L&M bus; Eli's
Countryside Store; more farms; a group photo of passengers.

Links on page - Underground Railroad, Mr. Will Parker, Gibbons Family, Quakers, and Plain and Fancy

Page II - Mohonk Mountain House - June 21, 2009 - The hotel, views around the hotel; Sky Top
Tower; views from Sky Top Tower; Elton; Jorge; the Lily Pond; flowers; more view of hotel; a group

Links on page - Mohonk Mountain House, Shawangunk Mountains, New Paltz, L&M Tours and
reference to Page OO.

Page JJ - Corona, Queens and Lancaster, PA - Views from my terrace: the neighborhood,
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, CitiField; Lancaster: Bird-in-Hand Bakery Shop sign, the Bakery,
María, farm, buggy, flower bed, more farms, Kitchen Kettle, more farms, a one-room school house,
another buggy, more photos at Kitchen Kettle.

Page KK - Views of Brooklyn and Manhattan - Views of downtown Brooklyn, St. Francis
College, views of Manhattan from Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, Statue of Liberty.

Page LL - Views of Manhattan - Photos taken from Top of The Rock, Rockefeller Center; Times
Square; posters in subway; poster of President Obama sporting a Weatherproof jacket (eventually
removed); fountain in Bryant Park with water frozen; Empire State Building.

Links on page - Reference to Page XX and Page HHHH.

Page MM - Strasburg, PA, July 28, 2009 - Railroad Station, Elton, farm, trains, Elton, flowers,
quilts in Quilt Museum, Kitchen Kettle, Elton, Jorge, video of most of the photos with song "A
Summer Song" by Chad and Jeremy.

Links on page - Strasburg, PA; Cherry Crest Farm; Strasburg Railroad; Railroad Museum, and
People's Place Quilt Museum.

Page NN - German Alps Festival, Hunter Mountain, NY - Various views of the festival, views
from the lift, Jorge, flowers, Rip Van Winkle sculpture, views of resort, group photo.

Links on page - Hunter Mountain, L&M Tours.

Page OO - Mohonk Mountain House - 2nd Visit- August 28, 2009 - More views of the resort,
María, flowers, the lake covered by fog, the group photo; flowers on my terrace.

Links on page - Mohonk Mountain House, L&M Tours, and reference to Page II.

Page PP - September 16, 2009 - On this day, I took a walk through Flushing Meadows Corona
Park.  You will see CitiField, the New York City Transit train and bus depot, etc.  At the bottom of
the page you will see flowers on my terrace.

Links on page - Flushing Meadows Park, Unisphere, reference to Page TT and Forgotten New York.

Page QQ - The New England State Fair, September 19, 2009 - The fair took place in West
Springfield, Massachusetts.

Links on page - Big E and map of grounds.

Page RR - Sunrise and Dining-Wining-Woodbury - A sunrise as seen from my terrace.  
Gasho's Restaurant, Brotherhood Winery, María.  (Crosby Tours ceased to operate November 2009!)

Links on page - Gasho Restaurant, Woodbury Common, and Brotherhood Winery.

Page SS - Penn-Dutch & Flowers on Terrace - Another trip to Penn-Dutch.  Good 'N Plenty
Restaurant; Elton & María; Eli's; farms; group photo.  Another sunrise captured from my terrace,
flowers and cacti on my terrace.

Link on page - L&M Tours

Page TT - More of Queens and Manhattan - A full moon, snow falling on 2/10/10 as seen from
my terrace; sunrise after the storm; the day after the storm.  Views of Manhattan: MetLife building,
statue above Grand Central terminal. Another snow storm, views in Flushing Meadows Corona Park
during the storm; and yet another storm, views from my terrace.

Link on page - Reference to Page PP.

Page UU - Flushing, Queens - On 02/20/10, I took a walking tour of Flushing.   Also took a few
photos of Korean Parade.  The last photo shows an error on the awning of a restaurant on Junction
Blvd, close to Roosevelt Ave.
Update 06/28/11 - Added 3 photos: the new mall that was once Caldor
and signs in Flushing.

Page VV - March 7, 2010 - Views of Manhattan and Brooklyn.  Brooklyn Bridge.

Page WW - March 2010 and more - Bryant Park; Rego Center Mall (Queens); Lancaster, PA,
Sight and Sound Theater, farms; Delaware River Bridge; Rego Center Mall at night; flowers;
April 5, 2010: 82nd Street, CitiField.  
Update 06/28/11 - Added 4 photos of CitiField and the area
taken from the 7 train.

Link on page - Sight and Sound Theatre.

Page XX - Top of the Rock, Part 2, plus flowers - Radio City Music Hall, views from Top of the
Rock (Rockefeller Center) which includes St. Patrick's Cathedral, flowers on display around
Rockefeller Center; flowers in Queens.

Links on page - Top of the Rock, Rockefeller Center, reference to Page LL.

Page YY - Longwood Gardens, PA - Views of flowers, trees, etc, in Longwood, María, Jorge.

Links on page - Longwood Gardens, and reference to Page FFF.

Page ZZ - Penn-Dutch and Newport Flower Show & The Breakers - More photos of the farms
in Lancaster, flowers, Kitchen Kettle; Newport Flower Show; The Breakers, other mansions; group
photo for June 19th Penn-Dutch Tour.

Links on page - Reference to Page Z and Newport Mansions.

Page AAA - Delaware Water Gap and Bushkill Falls, PA - Water Gap Trolley, views of the
Water Gap area, the Sycamore Grille, the Falls, María, the group photo.

Links on page - Trolley at Delaware Gap, Delaware Water Gap, Sycamore Grille, Bushkill Falls,
Country Kettle, L&M Tours, Shawnee Presbyterian Church, and Church of the Mountain.

Page BBB - Penn-Dutch and Plants on Terrace - Can't get enough of Penn-Dutch!  Views
around the farms, a one-room school replica; plants on my terrace.  A return trip to Penn-Dutch
on 8/21/10, with new tour company, views of farms and area; flower and bell peppers on my
terrace; group photo of July 31 Penn-Dutch trip.  (April 2013 - Added note about the demise of Great
Escapes and World Wide Tours.)

Page CCC - Views from 86th Floor of Empire State Building - Views of Manhattan and
surrounding areas from Empire State Building, Herald Square area.

Links on page - Empire State Building, reference to Pages LL and XX.

Page DDD - Graffiti, Artwork  and a Poster - Graffiti and posters.   Update, 6/27/11 - Added
photos of another painted truck.  
Update, 06/28/11 - Added a photo of the roof top of a building as
seen from Junction Blvd. station on #7 line.  Update, 07/13/11 - Added two photos to bottom of page.
Update, 07/17/11 - Added another photo to the bottom of page.

Page EEE - Two Trips Taken in October - Sugar Loaf Fall Festival (NY) and Jim Thorpe (PA).
Group photo added to bottom of page.

Links on page - Sugar Loaf Art Festival; L&M Tours; Jim Thorpe, PA; DeFeo's Manor Bread and
Breakfast; information about Packer Mansions; St. Mark's and St. John's Episcopal Church; and the
Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway.

Page FFF - Trips Taken December 2010 - Visit to Massachusetts December 14, Chicopee
and Springfield.  Visit to Penn-Dutch on December 18; and trip to Longwood Gardens on
December 25th.  Group photo of Penn-Dutch tour of 12/18.

Links on page - Hu Ke Lau, Chicopee, Springfield, Bright Nights, National Christmas Center, Kitchen
Kettle, Longwood Gardens, and reference to Page YY.

Page GGG - Hobbies - Photos of the two aquariums I have.  Photos of completed jigsaw puzzles.  
Update, 06/27/11 - Added 2 more puzzles.  Update, 09/05/11 - Added photo of one more puzzle.

Links on page - Falling Water and Page VVV (puzzle of Native American Boy)

Page HHH - Miscellaneous - Photos of flowers during May 7, 2011 trip to Penn-Dutch; view of
sun returning home; flowers on my terrace; the "new" Gertz building facade.  More to come.  
Update, 07/17/11 - Added a few photos taken in Flushing to bottom of page.  Also added a photo of
one of my pigeon peas plants.   During June 2011 visit to St. Croix visited Ma's former apartment
and picked a few dried pigeon peas pods and brought them back to NY.

Links on page - Forgotten NY for photo of what Gertz facade looked like many years ago.  
Also cross reference to Page JJJ.

Page III - July 2, 2011 - Photos of High Line Elevated Park, Governors Island, Battery Park,
young men dancing, and artwork in 4 train stations on R line.  
Update, 08/07/14 - Also see
Page RRRR and Page SSSS for more photos of High Line and Governors Island.

Links on page - High Line Elevated Park, Governors Island, and Battery Park.
Update - August 7 - Added links regarding IAC building and Standard Hotel.

Page JJJ - Subway Art, Noguchi Museum, Queens Botanical Garden and More - Photos
of stained glass window on two stations of #7 Line, 49th and 40th.  Photos taken in the Noguchi
Museum.  Photos taken from the Socrates Sculpture Park, and more.  
Update, 07/17/11 -
Added photos taken at the Queens Botanical Garden.

Links on page - Noguchi Museum, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queens Botanical Garden & map of
Queens Botanical Garden.

Page KKK - Trips Taken in August 2011 - Photos taken in Clinton, NJ and at the Warren Country
Farmers' Fair, August 3rd.  
Update, 08/14/11 - Added photos of trip to Amish Country on 08/13/11.

Links on page - Hot Air Balloon Festival; Clinton, NJ; and Warren County Farmers' Fair  in Clinton.  
Update, 08/14/11 - Added link to Miller's, Kitchen Kettle, The Old Country Store and Bird-in-Hand

Page LLL - More To Come - Photos of the construction of the new World Trade Center buildings,
and the new transit hub.  (Name of page will change at later date.)

Link on page - World Trade Center's website.

New York Pt. 3

Page MMM - Albany, New York -   A few hours in Albany with L&M Tours.

Links on page - Albany, L&M Tours, Downtown Albany, St. Peter's Church, and The Egg.

Page NNN - 9/11 Memorial and More - Protesters in Wall Street Area (Zuccotti Park),
9/11 Memorial, Inside St. Paul's Chapel, inside 9/11 Memorial Preview Site, and South Street Seaport.   
Update - Added photos of trip taken to Shady Maple Smorgasbord and Kitchen Kettle on 10/29/11.

Links on page - How to find names on Memorial, Preview Memorial Site, Fire of 1776,  and South
Street Seaport; and Shady Maple Smorgasbord.  
Update, 05/15/13 - Added link to Page LLL.

Page OOO -  This and That - Photos of Columbus Circle, views from St. Luke's Hospital, John
Jay College, Wright's Mill Farm, Mohegan Sun, Public Library, and Christmas trees.  
12/26/11 - Added photo of falcon / hawk perched on roof next door.  01/01/12 - Added photos
taken in Rockefeller Center, Times Square, Port Authority, and World Trade Center area.

Links on page - Wright's Mill Farm, Mohegan Sun, Artist Woytuk, and John Jay College.  Added link to
St. Peter's Catholic Church on Barclay Street.

Page PPP - Year of the Dragon -  Photos taken in Chinatown of Lunar New Year Parade.

Page QQQ - Fire and Ice - Photos taken February 18, 2012:  Manhattan, Lititz, ice sculptures, and
Sturgis Pretzel Bakery.

Links on page - Fire and Ice, Lititz, and Sturgis Pretzel

Page RRR - March 2012 - Photos taken in March:  Subway (Times Square), downtown Manhattan
(South Street Seaport), ferry to  Ikea, Brooklyn.

Link on page - Trinity Root.

Page SSS - April 2012 - Photos of library on 5th Avenue, Bryant Park, flowers, photo of Chrysler
& Empire State Buildings, Shady Maple sign (Lancaster, PA), gift shop at Shady Maple, views of
farm area during buggy ride, and covered bridge.

Page TTT-1 - May 2012, Part 1 - Posters at Terracotta exhibit, photos taken around the City,
Central Park, Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church in Jamaica, Battery Park, the Sphere,
and Penn-Dutch.

Links of page - Discovery Museum, Central Park, Presentation of Blessed Virgin Mary Church,
Intrepid, South Street Seaport, National Museum of the American Indian, and Battery Park.

Page TTT-2 - May 2012, Part 2 - Intrepid, USS Wasp, views from deck of Wasp, USS Roosevelt,
Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, Esplanade (Pier 15, South Street Seaport), Pier 17, views from
Esplanade,the National Museum of the American Indian, Battery Park, and yellow hibiscus on my

Links on page - USS Wasp, Mercedes House, Sacred  Heart of Jesus Church, and Our Lady of the
Rosary Chapel.  
Update 05/19/13 - Added link to the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum.  
Update 02/07/18 - Added link to Page UUUUU to show the new Pier 17.

Page UUU - Space Shuttle Enterprise, June 6, 2012 - Views of the shuttle being brought up
river then hoisted on the Intrepid.  Views around the pier.

Links on page - Information about the Enterprise.

Page VVV - June 2012's photos - Sugar Snap peas, Riverside Park at 68th Street, Jorge, Elton,
NCL Gem, Native Portrait jigsaw puzzle, Bryant Park, mural in subway, views from terrace, and

Links on page - Ceaco regarding jigsaw puzzle, and NY Times article regarding Jung's quote in
Update, 05/19/13 - Added link to history of Bryant Park.

Page WWW - July 2012 Photos: Maya 2012 - Lords of Time, and More - Photos taken at
the Penn Museum plus photos of a mural on the outside wall of a tattoo parlor, American Kestrel
falcons and my yellow hibiscus.

Links on page - Penn Museum, Short and Long Mayan Calendar, and St. Croix 18

Page XXX - Korean Dragon Boat Festival, Flushing Meadows Corona Park - August 4, 2012.  
Photos of festival and park.

Link on page - Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

Page YYY - Baltimore, Harlem Week and More, August 2012 - Photos taken in The Great
Blacks in Wax Museum,  Inner Harbor, Harlem week, Elton selling his bracelets, kid playing in the
rain, colorful truck.

Links on page - The Great Blacks in Wax Museum, Baltimore's Inner Harbor, Historic Ships in the
Inner Harbor, Power Plant Live (close to Inner Harbor).

Page ZZZ - New York Transit Museum and More, August 2012 - Sunrise, tomato plant, photos
taken at NY Transit Museum, Williamsburg Savings Bank building, and building with colorful wall.

Link on page - NY Transit Museum.

Page AAAA - Caribbean Cultural Fest, 2012 -  Festival that took place in the Jackie Robinson
Park in Harlem.  Swallow, Spectrum band.  

Link on page - Jackie Robinson Park

Page BBBB - Pow Wow, September 22, 2012 - Pow Wow that took place in Yorktown, NY
sponsored by the Redhawk Native American Council.  Photos of Adam Clayton Powell, Jr and Mural.

Links on page - FDR State Park, Redhawk Native American Council

Page CCCC - October 31, November 2, 6 and 13, 2012 - Various photos.  Some photos
taken as I walked to work on 10/31, colorful truck in parking lot close by, lines for gas, art work
on the walls of the 81st Street subway station, and display on 59th Street subway station.  

Page DDDD - Central Park, November 13, 2012 - Views in and outside the park.

Links on page - Cross-referenced to Pages B and EEEE, more photos of Central Park.

Page EEEE - More of Central Park, November 18, 2012 - More photos of Central Park,
boulders, Pond, Carousel, etc, Plaza Hotel, and murals at Fifth Avenue subway.

Links on page - Cross-referenced to Page B and DDDD, more photos of Central Park.

Page FFFF - 84th Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade, 11/22/12 - Pigeons, photos taken at
parade, store displays, and mural at Fifth Avenue subway.

Page GGGG - Here, There and Everywhere, December 2012 - National Christmas Center,
Kitchen Kettle, brick with Ma's name, Lord and Taylor display, Lion King Exhibit, artwork in Times
Square subway, views around the City, Rego Center Mall,  Shady Maple, Farm Market, views of
Lancaster area from bus, Kitchen Kettle display, brick with Ma's name with snow, more views of
Lancaster from bus, Grand Central Terminal, Times Square,  and artwork/mosaic in subway.

Page HHHH - January and February 2013 - Various photos taken in January and February.  
They include:  a hawk that lands on the roof of Mandalay building next door, fog, snow, Central Park,
Bryant Park, frozen fountain in Bryant Park, completed jigsaw puzzles, etc.

Page IIII - March & April, 2013 - Photos of March 2013 Penn Dutch tour, Cirque Du Soleil, and

Links on page - To Page WW and Cirque du Soleil's official website.

Page JJJJ - May 2013 - Flowers (tulips), yellow hibiscus, falcon on roof of building next door,
Word Trade Center and Fulton Center.

Link on page - June's photos (National Parks tour).

Page KKKK - September and October 2013 - Photos of garden on my terrace (plants and
vegetables), fish tank, clouds & rain storm, Fulton Center, World Trade Center, trees in fall colors,
Penn-Dutch Tour, crossing 59th Street Bridge, and more fall colors and tomatoes.

Page LLLL - 5Pointz in Long Island City - Supreme Court, photos of building in Long Island
City with "graffiti art".  More photos added 11/06/13 and 11/20/13.  
Update, February 18, 2018:  
Added comment about 5Pointz court case being won.

Links on page - 5Pointz and Museum of Modern Art PS1.

Page MMMM - Fall Foliage, November 2013 - Photos taken of colorful trees across the
expressway (L.I.E.), sunsets, High School of Arts and Business, fall foliage in Flushing Meadows
Corona Park, and Central Park.

Links on page - For more photos of Flushing Meadows Park: Page TT.  For more photos of Central
Park: Page B, Page DDDD, Page EEEE and Page HHHH.

Page NNNN - November and December 2013 photos - Washington Square, photos of lighted
figurines in my apartment, fog, L.I.E., Roseland Ballroom (per email received, I am giving credit to
Ms. Lyz Rothman for painting the mural on back of the Ballroom), photos of billboards, Penn Dutch,
sunsetas we left Lancaster, Unisphere, area during rain storm, another shot of a foggy day, and a
jigsaw puzzle, snow storm, plant in my bedroom, Bryant Park, World Trade Center area, Fulton
Center, and the 12/28 trip to Shady Maple (includes photos of fruits/vegetables and a sunset.  

Links  on page - Shady Maple, Roseland mural painter (July 23, 2000 - Don't know why information
is missing.  Added again on October 26, 2020.)

Page OOOO - Snow and More: January & Early February 2014 - Jigsaw puzzle, snow storm,
Maria's pasteles, more snow, NFL Blvd, Central Park, views from #7 Train, views around
neighborhood, and back of Section 5 at night.

Page PPPP - More Snow, February 2014 continued, March 2014  - Views from my terrace
and complex, Harlem Hospital, Madison Square Garden, and One World Trade Center.

Page QQQQ - April 2014 and May 2014 - Photos of Faberge eggs in Rockefeller Center.
Update 06/08/14 - Added photos of May 11th tour and May 18th Flushing Meadows Festival.

Link on page - Delaware River Railroad Excursions.

Page RRRR - June 2014 - Views from my terrace, display at Rockefeller Center, mosaic at 50th
Street station (#1 train), at St. John the Divine Cathedral, at and around the High Line, and artwork
at the Eight Avenue and 14th Street subway station (A, C, and E trains), American Kestrel on roof
plus photo of Nilsa, René and Jorge.  (Update, 08/07/14 - Also see
Page III and Page SSSS for more
photos of  Governors Island and High Line.)

Links on page - Mr. Koons' official site, The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine and Page III and

Page SSSS - July 2014 - Views from my terrace, American Kestrel;  construction at Rego Center
Mall; farms in Lancaster; Strasburg Rail Road including photo of Thomas, views on train to and
from Paradise; Governors Island and flowers at High Line; in and around my neighborhood.  
(Update, 08/07/14 - Also see
Page III  for photos of High Line and Governors Island and Page RRRR
for more photos at High Line.)

Link on page - Governors Island

Page TTTT - August 2014 - Jigsaw puzzle, views from my terrace, Brooklyn (Promenade,
Fulton Street, Barclays Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and Coney Island.

Link on page - Reference to Page CC, more photos of Coney Island, link to information about RKO
Albee theater.

Page UUUU - September 2014 - Rego Center Mall, World Trade Center, photos taken in the City,
Mount Airy Casino and Resort, new section of High Line, NCL's Breakaway, new restaurants on
59th Avenue, and photos taken on my terrace.

Link on page - Reference to Page SSSS for High Line and Rego Center Mall.

Page VVVV - October 2014 - Strawberries, flowers (including yellow hibiscus on my terrace,
Brooklyn Heights, St. Francis College, more Brooklyn, Barclays Center, views of harbor area close
to Brooklyn Bridge, painting on walls, and views from Manhattan Bridge.  
Update, 09/06/15:  Photos
taken at Shady Maple, including photo of Elton and me and Maria.

Page WWWW - Williamsburg Bridge and More - Photos taken on a walking tour on the
Williamsburg Bridge early November 2014 (Manhattan to Brooklyn), paintings on wall, mural on
building,  Williamsburgh Bank, my yellow hibiscus now orange.  
November 10th - Added photo of
hibiscus plant, Fulton Center, One World Trade Center and Transportation Hub.  (More photos
may be posted in December.)  
November 24th - Added new photos: View from terrace, sunrise,
Joe's Crab Shack, and Times Square.  
November 30th - Added 4 photos of a 1000 piece jigsaw
puzzle, "Working on the Farm".

Page XXXX - December 2014 - Sight and Sound Theater, "Moses"; Farm next to Miller's
Smorgasbord; Rego Center mall; night views of City Skyline from Brooklyn's Promenade;
Fulton Street, Brooklyn.  
Update 12/30/14 - Added photos taken at The New York Botanical Garden,
photos of Yankee Stadium, and a few beautiful shots of the sun setting in the Bronx and Queens.
(This should be the beginning of New York Part 4.  Could not get the navigation bar to work.)

Links on page - Sight and Sound Theater, Miller's Smorgasbord.  Added link to The New York
Botanical Garden.

Page YYYY - January, February, March, & April 2015 - Snow, Roosevelt Island Tramway,
Roosevelt Island, Blizzard, and a few beautiful sunrises (as seen from my terrace).  
Update 03/01/15 -
Added February's photos to the bottom of the page:  Views from my terrace during snow storms,
sunrise, frozen fountain in Bryant Park,  ice on East River and fish tank.  
Update 04/11/15 - Added 4
photos taken in March of two more snow storms.  
Update 05/02/15 - Added 2 photos taken in April.  
Views from my terrace of a foggy/cloudy day and the construction taking place at the Arthur Ashe

Link on page - Page DDD.

Page ZZZZ - 1 - May 2015 - Mother's Day (May 10th) tour with L&M to Shore Line Trolley
Museum, Amarante Sea Cliff Restaurant and Yale University Art Gallery.  All in and around
New Haven, Connecticut.   Photos of art work on the 53rd Street/Lexington Avenue subway station.  
May 23rd tour with Hines Tours.  We visited Kaaterskill Falls, had lunch in a diner and then visited
Howe Caverns.

Links - Hines Tours, Shore Line Trolley Museum, Amarante Restaurant, Yale University Art Gallery,
Kaaterskill Falls, and Howe Caverns.

Page ZZZZ - 2 - May 2015 -   Subway art (86th, 110th, and 116th Streets on #6 train). Photos taken
in the area around the new World Trade Center.  Photos taken around City Hall.   Photos taken from
the 100th Floor of the NEW Observatory in One World Trade Center.  

Link - Observatory at the NEW World Trade Center.

Page AAAAA - July 2015 - Tours of July 4th and 20th.  Garden of Reflection, Fonthill Castle,
and The Miraculous and St. Rita of Cascia Shrines.   West Concourse of World Trade Center, flag
at Boro of Manhattan Community College (BMCC), the roof of the Arthur Ashe Stadium, High Bridge,
and artwork at 170th Street/Jerome Avenue #4 train station.  Photos of "Blue Moon" on July 31.

Links - Garden of Reflection, Mercer Castle, Miraculous Medal Shrine, and St. Rita of Cascia Shrine
and High Bridge

Page BBBBB - August 2015 - George Washington Bridge, Flushing Meadows Corona Park,
and Coney Island.  A second and third visit to Coney Island.  Cruise ships.  Another photo of the
roof of the Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.  Photos taken from the
Shore Park Promenade in Brooklyn under the Verrazano Bridge:  Cruise ships leaving NYC.  
Photos of Thunderbolt.  
Update: 09/06/15 - Added a photo of me taken by Elton on Coney Island's

Page CCCCC - September to December 2015 - Views from terrace, farm by Kitchen Kettle,
Shady Maple, in and around Kitchen Kettle, jigsaw puzzle (Amish scene), NY Botanical Garden,
Information about April 23, 2015, sunrise as seen from terrace, fog, 34th Street/Hudson Yard
subway station, views from High Line, sunset as seen from High Line, artwork at Hunters Point
station, sunset from Woodside train station, views from my terrace, vintage train ride from
Queens Plaza to 2nd Avenue, West Village, and artwork at the 81st Street Station, another sunrise
from my terrace, Macy's window displays, World Trade Center and Brookfield Place.  Sunrise on
December 31, 2015.

Link - New York Transit Museum, Page ZZZ.

Page DDDDD - January, February & March 2016 - Sunrises, sunset, traffic jam, jigsaw puzzle,
blizzard (during and after), snow on terrace, more sunrises.  January
29, 2016 - Added photos of
another sunset and a bowl of kalalloo sent from Florida.  
February 2016 - Sunrises, more snow,
more sunrises, another jigsaw puzzle, more snow, sunset, more sunrises, pigeon on roof and moon.
March 30, 2016:  Added a few photos taken in March - sunset, jigsaw puzzle, WTC Transit Hub, and
view from terrace.  

Page EEEEE - April  & May 2016 - Added a few photos of project (Flat Stanley) done for Aaron
Davis, grandnephew; trip to Shady Maple, snow on way; NY Botanical Garden Orchid Show;  
550 piece jigsaw puzzle; flowers in front to Section 3; a sunrise.  
Update, April 18th:  Added two
photos showing my face without beard.  
Update, May 1st:  Added photos of Brookfield Place,
Transit Hub, North Pool, and odd shaped building.  
Update, May 17th:  Added photos taken from
May 5th to May 15th.  Included are photos taken from terrace, Electric Daisy Carnival at Citi Field,  
1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, and Fort Totten.  
Update, May 29th:  Added photos of Arthur Ashe
Stadium, moon, falcon, flowers on 10th floor, and jigsaw puzzle.   
Update, May 31st:  Added two
photos as bottom of page of views from my terrace at night.

Link - About Flat Stanley.

Page FFFFF - June 2016 - Flowers in my neighborhood, Fort Totten Tunnel Tour, and graffiti
on roofs of buildings on Junction Blvd and Roosevelt Avenue.   
Update, June 17th:  Added
photos of dark clouds, trip to Mushroom Museum and Chaddsford Winery, and the Anthem of
the Seas sailing out of New York Harbor under the Verrazano Bridge.  
Update, June 21st:  Added
photos of recent moon, jigsaw puzzle.  
Update, June 26th:  Added photos taken in and around
Coney Island on June 25th.

Links - Fort Totten Park, The Woodlands at Phillips (Mushroom),  Chaddsford Winery, Wahlburgers,
and Coney Island's new Amphitheater.

Page GGGGG - July 2016 - Flowers on terrace and neighborhood, clouds, moon, firework,
Jefferson House Restaurant (NJ), Lake Hopatcong (NJ), DirecTV blimp, views from L&M bus,
sunset, Throgs Neck Bridge, sunrise, rain storm, rainbow, and jigsaw puzzle.  
Update, July 31st:  
Added a photo of Zinnias on terrace, pigeons resting, and 2 of flowers in the neighborhood.  
Update, August 1st:  Added two photos of the July 31st rain storm.

Page HHHHH - August 2016 - Moon, sunrise, Zinnia, Oculus (Westfield World Trade Center Mall),
and 4 photos of a beautiful sunrise.  
Update, September 7th:  Added copy of ticket for Juan Gabriel's
last concert in New York City (Madison Square Garden).

Page IIIII - September 2016 - Video of carnival, storm clouds, Grand Army Plaza, West Indian
American Carnival, rainbow, moon, and Feast of San Gennaro (Little Italy, Mulberry Street,
Update, September 30th:  Added photos of sunrise.  Used different camera settings.

Links - Bailey Fountain (Grand Army Plaza), West Indian American Day Carnival Association.

Page JJJJJ - October 2016 - Fog, sunrise, moon, World Trade Center area, murals, firehouse
Ladder 10 (Liberty Street), views from Liberty Park, Oculus , Ford's Warriors in Pink, Sennheiser,
The Cheesecake Factory, PS 14, and another sunrise.  
Update, 09/01/17:  Joe's Crab Shack closed
in August 2017.)

Link - Referral to Page HHHHH

Page KKKKK - November 2016 - Sunset, Nilsa, Oculus, World Trade Center Observatory,  
Canstruction (World Financial Center (WFC) / Brookfield, sunset seen from WFC, views from
Staten Island Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Staten Island Transit, Eneida and Nilsa; Eneida, Jorge
and Nilsa; Nilsa, Eneida and Jorge with Louie; sunset seen from Staten Island ferry as we
headed back to Manhattan; the National African American History and Culture Museum.  
Update, November 20th:  Added photos to bottom of page, reflections of WTC on Millenium
Hotel, Christmas at Radio City digital display, and moon.  Also modified photos posted 11/13/16
and added additional comments.

Links - National African American History and Culture Museum and floor plan.  Cross referred to

Page LLLLL - December 2016 - Moon, Westfield / Oculus, World Financial Center, snow,
jigsaw puzzle, on our way to Shady Maple, quilt, and farm from Kitchen Kettle's parking lot.

Page MMMMM - January & February 2017 - Snow, 42nd Street mural, Second Avenue Subway,
sunrise, moon, snow, kids on overpass, pasteles, Museum of Natural History (Cuba! Exhibit and
others), Central Park, sunrise and more snow.  
Updated 02/26/2017 - Added February's photos,
which includes sunrise of two separate days and snow storm of February 9th.  
Update 03/04/2017 - Added 3 photos taken on 6th Avenue between 39 and 40th Streets.

Page NNNNN - March, April  & May 2017- Photos of two snow storms plus a few old photos.  
Update, April 1, 2017 -  Added photos of ceiling of the rotunda in Supreme  Court in Manhattan plus
photos of what Alexander's mall now looks like.  
Update, April 30, 2017:  Added a few photos taken
in April.   They include moon, photos taken from AirTrain, etc.  
Update, May 29, 2017:  Added
photos taken in May.  They include sunrise, moon, clouds, statue, Lincoln Center, sunrise, etc.  
Also added Pages OOOOO and PPPPP to navigation bar for future use.

Link - St. Croix 34.

Page OOOOO - June 2017 - Verrazano Bridge, Photos of Coney Island, new Amphitheater,
flowers in neighborhood and Rufus King Park, photos to and from Mermaid Parade, Mermaid
Parade, Stillwell Station, Artwork on 25th Avenue Station in Brooklyn, rain storm as seen
from Maria's apartment, morning of sun/rain at same time, Oculus, the Observatory in the
Freedom Tower, flowers, Financial Center, artwork in Chinatown, and philodendron hanging in

Link - Mermaid Parade

Page  PPPPP - July 2017 - Lancaster, PA; sunset; moon; Coney Island; Wagner Park; Bettye
LaVette; sunset; Battery Park:  Seaglass Carousel, Korean Memorial, Sphere, American Merchant
Marines' Memorial; Ape and Cat; Verrazano Bridge; Freedom Tower; Oculus; 9/11 Museum;
NYC Police Memorial; boats on river; Goldman Sachs Tower; Colgate Clock;  Celebrity Summit;
Norwegian Breakaway, ferry; flower; trip to NJ and Liberty State Park, Korean Monument, 9/11
Memorial in Liberty State Park, old train station in Liberty State Park, Ellis island, Colgate Clock
up close, World Financial Center, Sea Princess leaving New York City, Balloon Flower monument,
and more.

Links:  Pages BBBBB, OOOOO, and HHHHH, Monuments and Memorials in Battery Park

Page QQQQQ - August 2017 - Neighborhood flowers, sunrise, moon, St. Rita and Miraculous
Medal Shrines in PA, Mummers Mural, sunset on way home from PA, and stores on 34th Street,
stormy clouds, sunset, 135th Street in Harlem during Harlem week, day of Total Solar Eclipse,
views from inside Ikea, Ford Amphitheater and Parachute Jump.

Links:  St. Rita and Miraculous Medal Shrines, and Page AAAAA

Page RRRRR - September 2017 - 09/03:  Festivals and the GW Bridge from Riverbank State Park.  
Brazilian and Virgin Islands Festivals, Coney Island at night while listening to El Gran Combo at the
Ford Amphitheater.  
09/12, 09/14 & 09/15: Sunrises, Coney Island boardwalk, concert at the Ford
Amphitheater with Ms. Shirley Caesar.  
09/23:  Photos of LeFrak's celebration in back of buildings.
09/27 - Photos of Quads before modernization began.  
09/28:  3 photos of East Quad taken with cell
phone camera added.
 09/30 - Added photos of sunrise and selfie.

Page SSSSS - October 2017 - Sunrise, moon, Lancaster (Yoder's, farms), Mount Hope, Antique
Mall, Delaware license plate; Metro North tracks (E 97th Street), flowers, butterfly, sunrise; Little Red
Lighthouse, GWB Bridge, Hudson River, New Jersey, 110th Street station artwork; rain storm, trees,
plane; sunrise, sunset;  sunrise; rainy day, car being pushed; sunrise.

Link - The Little Red Lighthouse

Page TTTTT - November and December 2017 - Photos taken November 1st through
November 21st:  Sunrise, fog, moon, sunrise, Pow Wow, artwork (Bees) outside 9th Avenue
train station in Sunset Park, sunrises.  
November 28th: Sunrise.  Photos taken December 4th,
5th, 9th and 10th
are:  Sunrise, LIE at night, Snow, photos taken in East and Center Courtyards
December 14th and 15th:  snow, sunrise, and more snow.    December 16th - Another
beautiful sunrise.  A few photos taken with cell phone.  (With my involvement in political issues
(mostly housing) in the City, I have been unable to take photos like I usually do.  No day trips in
November or December.)
December 19th: Another sunrise.  December 20th - Oculus, Reflection
Pools park and Liberty Park (The Sphere).  
December 21st:  Christmas Tree in Center Courtyard,
lights and decorations.  
December 24th:  Sunset from inside moving car on our way to Staten
Island using cell phone.  
December 26th - And yet another sunrise.  December 30th - More snow.  
December 31st - Last sunrise in Corona, Queens, New York City for 2017.  Moon.

Page UUUUU - January and February 2018 - January:  Sunrise, snow, sunrise, fog, sunrise,
snow, sunrise, Fort Tryon Park, Inwood, Cloisters, black squirrel, 193rd Street, Broadway Terrace,
190th St. A train station, snow, Super Blue Blood Moon rising.  February:  Views of City from
Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, "new" Pier 17, decor on "new" E train, sunrise, light snow.  
Photos added February 18th - Sunrise, snow, sunrise.  Photos added 02/19 - Georgia Diner.  Photos
added  02/26 - jigsaw puzzle.

Links - Page TTT-2 to show "old" Pier 17, Page LLLL

Page VVVVV - March & April 2018 - Sunrise, snow, sunrise, snow, Boston Flower Show, snow,
and more snow.  Easter Celebration in Center Courtyard of LeFrak City on 03/29/18.  Firemen from
Poland at City Hall, inscription on City Hall grounds.  Lobby Day in Albany.  Tour of the Anthem
of the Seas.

Link - Photo posted of me on bottom of About Me 2 taken at Easter Celebration, 03/29/18

Page WWWWW-1 and WWWWW-2 - May  & June 2018 - Photos taken May 1st (trip to D.C.
for Eviction Exhibit), rain storm of May 15th and Manhattanhenge on May 30th.  
June 10th - Added
photos taken June 9th at 116th Street Festival.  
June 17th - Added photos taken at rally/march in
Manhattan on June 14th; photos taken from my terrace on June 15th; and photos taken in Flushing
Meadows Corona Park on June 16th, including Kool and the Gang.  
June 27th - Added photos taken
on June 24th during a trip to D.C. on Megabus - Monuments in National Mall:  Washington, Dr. Martin
Luther King, Lincoln, Vietnam War, Korean War, World Wars, etc.  Photo of Norwin.   
July 9th - Added
additional information with the Dr. Martin Luther King photos.  
August 2020 - Moved photos of
Norwin sent me of us together in Union Station on June 24th from Page XXXXX to WWWWWW-2.   
Note, September 2, 2020:  Split page WWWWW into 2 because the page had reached the maximum
allowed, 100,000.

Link - Cross referred to Page KKKKK.

Page XXXXX - July & August 2018 - July:  Turtle in Flushing Meadows Corona Park,
Manhattanhenge, Ford Amphitheater (Tito Rojas), Coney Island, mural in Brooklyn, Sight & Sound
Theater's musical "Jesus", Center Courtyard in LeFrak City ("King Lear"), mushrooms growing in a
pot in my bedroom.  
August:  Taíno exhibit in the National Museum of the American Native (Bowling
Green), views from inside Staten Island Ferry terminal; New York Aquarium (Coney Island).  Traffic
lights on Queens Blvd and 62nd Drive, visit to Coney Island; new artwork at WTC, Museum of the
American Native, map of Manhattan at Whitehall Street subway station.

Page YYYYY - September and October 2018 - September:  Center Courtyard, trip to Penn
Dutch (Lancaster), murals on 28th and 34 Streets, views from JetBlue plane headed to San Juan
and over Old San Juan.  October:  Photos of jigsaw puzzles (Cats, 750 pieces & Summertime,
1000 pieces), sunrises, moon, dark clouds, and tour of cruise ship Norwegian Escape, jet
passing by, 2 sunrises moon, another sunrise and jets as they fly across the sky.

Link - Crossed referred to LLLL regarding 5Pointz.

Page ZZZZZ - November and December 2018, January to June 2019 - Snow, moon, sunrises,
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, falcon, flowers, etc.

Page AAAAAA - July and August 2019 - Coney Island, fireworks, Amish Country, moon,
dragonflies, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, falcon, moon.

Page BBBBBB - September, October, November and December 2019 - Sunrises, sunsets,
Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Penn-Dutch, moon, falcon, World Trade Center, World Financial
Center, snow.

Page CCCCCC - January, February, April, May, June 2020 -  No photos taken in March due
to the pandemic (COVID-19).  Moon, snow, old photos, photos of co-workers at SSA, Flushing
Meadows Corona Park, sunset, rainbow.

Page DDDDDD - October, September, August, July, November and December 2020 - July:  
Photos of moon, falcon, falcon chick, and rain.   
August:  Moon, moon, moon and Morning Glory
September:  Morning Glory flower, night view of area, sunrise (twice), moon, photos taken
with Galaxy S20 5G, veggies, etc.  
October:  Morning Glory flower, squirrel, hibiscus, moon, bee
and area.  Photos taken with Lumix camera and S20. Added more photos taken with Lumix in
October:  Fall foliage, flowers, jigsaw puzzle  
November:  Falcon, moon, jigsaw puzzle, moon.  
December:  Photos taken using Lumix and S20 5G cameras - Sky, snow, Christmas tree made from
lights on 63rd Drive, snow/lights on terrace, sign on platform at Woodhaven Station, Times Square,
Hudson Yards, and sunset.  Also various shots of moon on 12/27 and 12/29.  Added summary of 2020
to bottom of page.  

Page EEEEEE - January, February, March 2021 - Added information from Yahoo stating that
SiteBuilder will no longer be supported.  I will not be able to make changes/add photos after
March 31, 2021.   Added photos taken in January.  Photos taken with Galaxy S20 5G and Lumix
February 15th - Added  photos taken this month through 02/08.  The fog of 02/16.
February 22nd - Added photos taken today, snow and rainbow.   March 11th - Added photos taken
in Flushing Meadows Corona Park and The Edge.  
March 14th - Added 4 photos taken by the
photographer at the Edge.
08/30/10, 03/21/21

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