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April and May 2008 - Page 22
Frank, Cusa, Louie, Paco, and Lizzy.  
Hidden are Javier and Bernissa
Cusa, Bernie and Lizzy
Doña Juanita, Lillian, and Carmen
Doña Juanita and Ma
Francine, Nicole and Toni Ann.
Mother and daughters.
Louie, Carmen, Nilsa and René
Isabel, Francine and Nicole
Rodney, Hams Bluff area
Father and son, Rodney and Rodney G., Salt River area
Carlton Beach area
René and Jorge playing cards.
Ma watching the game of cards.
Ma and her first child, Min.
The Rodriguez family - Bernie, Cusa and Paco
René is cheating but who cares?
Ma resting after taking a tour of Nilsa's new home being built.