Junior and Ma enjoying a dance, 1978.
Steve and  his brother, Shane.
Maria and Puchi's two children,
Denisha and Omar.
Romar with his sister Raissa
Toni-Ann and Nicole with Titi Paca.  This photo
was sent to me by Michael Amico.
Papo's wedding, St. Paul's Church, Frederiksted.

This photo was sent to me by Paola and Jorge "Jorgito" Fredericks.  
It's the team Jorge's (Jorgito) father, Leopold Fredericks, played with.  

Update, April 29, 2007 - Showed photo to Javier.  Here is what he came up with.  
Front row, left to right: Julio Peterson ("Too Late"), Delroy Thomas ("Chua"), Tony Martinez,
Benito Acosta (deceased), Melvin Barnes (deceased), and Benito Santos.  
Back row, left to right:  Leopold Fredericks (deceased), Vernon Barnes ("Don Bunny"),
Courtney Woods (not sure), Harry Brown, "Tappi" Seales, Claude Samuel ("Campy"),
Augustin "Dicky" Williams (also known as "Dirty Red", deceased), and Emile Pedro ("Sully", deceased).
[ Thanks to Benito Santos for his help! ]

I was told the Browns team was a softball team.

Take a close look at the hats.  They appear to be different styles and have letters other than B.  
Could these hats be from other teams they played with, G for Giants, L for Lions or Lobos, etc?

Gertrude Nesbitt, a very close friend.
Maria, Marc and Titi Kiki
08/05/06, 05/26/20
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Vernon Barnes
"Don Bunny"
Claude Samuel
Augustin Williams
"Dirty Red"
Emile Pedro
Julio Peterson
"Too Late"
Delroy Thomas
Tony Martinez
Benito Acosta
Melvin Barnes
Benito Santos