René, nephew.   2005
Jordan Kai, nephew.  2005

Yaira's Sweet Sixteen, 2005.  Left to right, Daisy
(Yaira's mother, my niece), Yaira, Ma (Yaira's great
grandmother), and Carmen (Min, Yaira's
grandmother).  Four generations!

December 2005, Maria's apartment, Corona,
Queens, New York.   Alba, a friend, trying
to get  me to pose for a photo.
The Piazza Family - Bryan, Michael, Kathy, Manny and Nicholas.
True Mets fans.  Photo sent by Manny.
Gigi and Leana (mother and daughter)
Ivelisse (Gigi) and Ron, May 2005
Romar, age 6, nephew.
René (nephew) and Tarique.  René is
Tarique's uncle.  Tarique is Nelson's son.
02/24/06, 05/27/20
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René - 2009