02/19/07, 05/27/20
Family Photos - Page 16

I was trying to post the photos by year so that the pages would run in some kind of date order.  
However, every time I go through an old album and find photos I decide to post, it means I have to
rename  all the pages.  That takes "mucho tiempo" (much time).  So, for now I will name the pages
consecutively though the years the photos were taken may not be in any particular order.  
Dates the photos were taken will be indicated whenever possible.  
Leana.  At right, celebrating 6th Anniversary, May 1988.  Cusa can be seen to left of photo.  
Leana is opening gifts.  At the pool in Frederiksted, St. Croix.
The birthday cakes at left.  Eric enjoying himself at right.
1988.  The Three Morales Muskateers - Eric, Nelson and Jessica; and then Nelson, Jess and Eric.

Back to the past when photos were only black and white.  
These are from Titi Paca's photo collection, which I borrowed from Eneida Zieris.
The original photo shows the date as Aug 62.  Who are these
kids?  Mystery solved.  Lily has indicated that this is Lolin
and Nelson Encarnación, Genoveva's children, cousins of
mine.  The location is Est. Coble.  It appears Titi Guilla,
their grandmother, had a similar photo.
Who are these kids?  Mystery solved.  According to Iris,
these children are, left to right - Eneida, ?Yolanda?,
Nelson, Lolin, Lola, and Iris.  All cousins of mine.  The date
on the original photo is Mar 65.  No inscription on the back.   
Photo possibly taken in La Granja (Est. Whim).