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Another Flash To The Past - Page 19

Jorge Luis

I think this is from
Titi Paca's collection.

No idea when or where
on St. Croix this photo
was taken.  I think it's on
Hospital Street.

When the sun is in my
eyes, I squint!

Was there a flood?  
No, pants were worn
short in those days!  

Fancy sock!
Titi Guilla (RIP).  At left in 1988.  At right in a photo from Elizabeth's, her granddaughter, 2005 calendar.
Left - Genoveva (cousin), from Elizabeth's 2005 calendar.  One of Titi Guilla's daughters, Elizabeth's aunt.  
Right - Ma and Jorge, 1988, Frankie's wedding.  Lizzy can be seen in background.
Left - Hanife, friend of family, 1988.  Right - Nelson, Nilsa, Eric, Louie, Gigi & Leana going someplace; St. Croix, 1988.
Jorge and Eric, December 31, 1994, Rivera's residence.