Ma and one of her sisters,  Guillermina Nieves
(Titi Guilla).  Photo Taken 1978.
Update, 7/23/13 - Everyone in these 2 photos are now RIP.
This photo was taken in TIti Mery's apartment in
Hato Rey.  Sitting left is Titi Juan.  Sitting on the
arm of chair Ma is sitting on is Titi Mery.
Mama Lola, Titi Guilla and Titi Catalina.

The cars in the background are Pin's doing.  
He was a mechanic and worked in the yard.

Photo from Eneida Belardo-Zieris' collection.

Used with permission from Eneida.
Don Carmelo's and Titi Paca's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  
Left to right:  Titi Kiki, Ma, Don Carmelo, Titi Catalina,
Titi Paca, and Titi Guilla. 1990, St. Croix
Titi Guilla in her beautiful garden.  
St. Croix, 1988.  Tia was my godmother!
Three sisters and a niece.   Left to right:  Min,
Glory, and Nilsa.  Standing:  Daisy
Phyllis' (Cuchie, niece) First Communion with
Maritza practicing.  Left to right:  Leopold
(Papo), Cuchie, Maritza & Jorgito; Glory in
the back.
02/16/06, 05/27/20
Ma, Aunts, siblings, nieces/nephews & Grandma - Page 2

Titi Catalina, Ma and Titi Paca, 2002, St. Croix.
Ma's 80th Birthday Celebration.

Update, 07/23/13 - May they rest in peace!
Miss them very much!
Rivera's residence in Campo Rico, 1980.  
Top to bottom - Glory, Cholo, and Louie
Jorgito and Nelson.  1980

The Dynamic Four, left to right - Cuchie, Maritza,
Lizzy, and Gigi.

Glory and Papo (with dread locks).
Jorge, Cholo & Louie - Campo Rico
Maria and Cusa - Campo Rico