12/14/08,  05/27/20
November 2008 - Page 23
Mother, Riveras' residence
René, taking time out from looking for fish in the puddles,
Strand St.
 Was this the day I moved a rock in a puddle and
an eel bit me?  I must tell you, it hurt.
Carmelo and Jorge.  
Is Carmelo looking for a UFO?
René and Kaylah in the pool.
The Moon
Jupiter and Venus
Ma and Nilsa chatting while waiting for pasta to cook.
Riveras' residence as seen from across the bay.

The following photos were taken during my April/May 2009 trip top St. Croix.
Views from the Rivera residence.

The following church (Southside United Pentecostal, Estate Diamond) has been under construction for at
least 10 years, if not more!  It will be a massive church.  One day I have to go there to see what it looks like inside.   
The church can be seen from the Melvin H. Evans highway.  Nilsa had stopped at the traffic light when I took
these photos.  May 27, 2020:  A Google search does indicate they are open 3 times a week.
Salt River area