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Recent Additions to Family - Page 24
The Davis Twins - Aaron and Andre
Born June 2008
The Amico Twins - left is Valentina; at right is Vincent.  Born October 2008

This is Pascual, Jr's grand-daughter.  The photo appeared in theApril 23, 2008
issue of "Cuidado - prenatal y pediátrico" of PR.  The ad advertises the need
to have children's hearing tested.
The Davis Twins - Aaron on the left and Andre on the right, November 2008,
5 months of age.
Satori Josephina Morales, born April 28, weighed 9 lbs 7 oz and measured 21.25 inches long.  
Father - Eric Morales, a nephew.
Justin Roland
Another Update
Davis Twins
2009 - Davis Family
2010 - Davis Family

Louie Bryce's two daughters, born 2011 and 2013.

Left - Jailynnn Elise.  Above - Londyn Eden