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The photos below were sent to María by Eneida.    Thanks to Eneida for the photos.

I remember Estate Whim (La Granja) as a nice place to visit.  I felt safe, protected and loved.  Some of the adults
enjoyed teasing the children, making some of us cry at times.   But we'd recover quickly.  In my mind's eyes Whim
was far from Frederiksted.  It was a rural area and sort of a farm because of the many animals my grandparents had.  
Here we could run freely, explore the area, hunt for birds, enjoy nature and have all kinds of fun with cousins and
other relatives.  We'd meet at La Granja regularly to spend time with my grandparents.  Most of the times, we walked
from town.  Some times we'd be the only family visiting but most of the time other relatives would visit.   When a
relative from off island visited, my grandparents would have a celebration.  I saw animals being caught, killed,
skinned, cleaned and cooked.  We helped under the guidance of the adults.  

Back in the 1950's and 1960's Whim was undeveloped.  There were a few homes on the north side of the street
that ran through La Granja.  There were barrels of molasses in the yard.  What were they for?  We'd watch Grandpa
cross the street and disappear in the bushes.  Where would he go?  There was a shack in the distance where he
made his moonshine.   We knew he enjoyed consuming some of the moonshine.  I suppose the rest of the batch
was to sell or for family and friends??

And the "pinos" (pines)  in some of the photos below were plentiful in the area.  How they swayed in the wind and
wouldn't break!!   So much has disappeared in the name of progress.  Remember the windmill (el molino)?

Pin (Pablo) was a mechanic.  Some times he'd take us to the beach or just for a tour of the island in one of the
vehicles he'd be repairing.  We'd sing, we'd laugh and have fun as we rode in the back of truck.  During this time we
could go to Sandy Point freely. Today the area is controlled by the federal government due to the birds and turtles
that come yearly to mate and/or lay eggs, etc.  We enjoyed picking the icacos (coco plums).  

There was no TV, radio, phone, etc, to distract us.  We interacted with each other.  We had face to face conversations.  
Seems like we were happier.  Seems like we cared more for each other.  The good old days?  You decide!

Thanks to my grandparents, my aunts, cousins, siblings and friends for the good old time spent at La Granja!!

Photo at left, left to right - Ma, Inda, María Esther, Maria Esther's son (Richard Roebuck), Titi Paca, Titi Guilla.   
Photo at right, left to right - Maria Esther, Glory, Lillian (?, always playing the fool), Min and Ilma with Maria and
Nilsa in front.  No date on photo at left.  Photo at right dated Aug 60.




La Granja



The plate's
number is

Both photos
taken at
La Granja.

No date on
photo at
left.  Photo
at right
dated Aug 60.
Leopold (Papo), Glory and Jorgito
Aug 62
Aug 62

Both photos of Nilsa.  One on left dated Aug 60.  Don't know the location.  Photo on right taken Nov 64 on the terrace
of our "condo" in Harrigan Court.

Estate Coble, another place of good memories, where Titi Guilla lived for many years.  I was born in Titi Guilla's At right is
Nelson by himself.  Similar photo can be found on
Family 16.  Photos dated Aug 62.
More photos of my Dear Mother!
No idea when these were taken.  The photo on right I think was taken on the ferry to Bear Mountain.
Ma in California.  At left, with Titi Paca.  To left can be seen what looks like Yvette's back and Fran.  
Photo on right with Titi Feli and Titi Paca.  Possibly 1977???
Maria, Marc
and Ma.  No
idea when
this photo
was taken.
Ronnie (Marc's
father), Ma
and Marc.
No idea when
photo taken.

Photos possibly taken during Cuchie's college graduation
party?  Left is Ma and Glory.  At right is Ma with Nilsa, Glo
and Jorge.
Now to the present.  Maria Esther Roebuck, Maria Esther and her son Richard.

Photo of Gloria and Eneida.  Taken in September 2016

From Eneida's collection.  Photographed October 6, 2019 from her albums.  

Nilsa sent me the following photo.
Nilsa and Titi Mery.