06/25/17, 07/02/17
June 2017 - Graduations, trip to St. Croix
René - Orlando, Florida
René and Nilsa
René with parents, Nilsa and Carmelo

Left - René, Nilsa,
and Papo (LeAnn's
after LeAnn's
high school
St. Croix.

Right - René
Phyllis (Cuchie)
Nilsa and grandson, Tarique
René and his nephew, Tarique
LeAnn, Cuchie, Raissa, Nilsa,
Tarique and René
Tarique, René, Cuchie, Glory (Cuchie's mom, Raissa's
grandmother), Raissa and Nilsa

All photos on this page sent to me by Nilsa via text.  All taken with iPhone.
While  on St. Croix Nilsa had time to go "toechin" (catching land crabs).  
Here are crabs being purged.  Before being cooked, the crabs must be
allowed to clean their system.  

Why "toechin"?   Crabs were hunted in the dark.  To see where we were going
and to startle the crabs, we used a torch.  A torch was a bottle filled with
kerosene in which a piece of cloth (wick) would be inserted and lit.

Leatherback baby turtles getting ready to
make their way to the sea.