The following photos were taken from Ma's collection.  While I visited in May 2006, I decided to
look at the
many photos she had in a box.  I chose these.  
I have no idea when these photos were taken.
Right - Francisco (Paco).  Left - Paco holding Papo
Paco with his Army buddies.   Left to right -  
Dawson, Paco, Charlo James, & Marrero.
Francisco (Javier), brother-in-law
Jaime (Pocholo/Cholo), nephew.
Leopold (Papo)
Francisco (Frankie)
These photos are of Jorgito (Jorge).  The one on the left was taken in the bedroom of the
the family lived in on Queen St.  You can see his father's, Leo, policeman's hat
hangingon the wall.  Photo on right was taken in front of Building 3, Harrigan Court.
Left - Titi Catalina and her daughter, Nilsa.  Right - Maria Esther, also Titi Catalina's daughter.  
Photos could have been taken in the photo machine in Jacaranda Parlor in Frederiksted.
Claidy, cousin.  Don't know who little girl is!
06/11/06, 05/29/20
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