Getting ready for a trip around the island.  Javier enjoyed taking us on trips around the island.  Those were
the good old days!  Left is Min; right is Rodney.
At one of our stops, we had something to eat.  
Javier, Min, Daisy and Ma.
Nelson, Louie, Gigi and Leana
Javier taking a break.
Jessica, Nelson, Cuchie and Eric.
Bernissa and Leana.  What could they have
been up to?

Titi Moncha, Min, and Ma
at the old airport.

Anyone coming
to or leaving the island

was greeted/bid farewell
by more than one family
and/or friend.  

It was a tradition.  
Everyone treated it as a
"day out".  

Also, there was a restaurant
on the second floor that
served good food, and an
observation area to watch
planes land and take off.

I think I was the
one leaving
the island when this photo
was taken.
Titi Moncha; Rivera's residence in Campo Rico.  
Ma can be seen to left of Tia.  Young fellow
was a neighbor of Riveras.
Paco, Bernissa (being shy or mad), and Leana.
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St. Croix, 1987 - Page 5
Rodney, Daisy, and Louie as we walked down
to the very tip of Point Udall.
  I never tried this
walk again.  It now looks scary.