The happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Belardo.   
Titi Paca and Don Carmelo.
October 1990, La Granja
The happy couple with their 3 children.  
Left to right - Eneida, Carmelo Jr., and Carmen.
The happy couple with their grand children.  
Left to right - Camille, Carmelo III, Paul,
Manny, Michael, Vinny,  and Fran
The family having fun.   The conga line that almost
blew away.  The winds picked up, the rain came down!  
But that did not stop the celebration!  Left to right,
Melo, Cusa, Nilsa, Vinny, John, Eneida, Carmen...???
Don Carmelo's brother, Pari,
with Titi Paca!
Tia and Don Carmelo with 4 of Tia's sisters.  
Left to right - Felicita, Carmen, Catalina, and
Guillermina.  (May they all rest in peace!)
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50th Wedding Anniversary, 10/1990, St. Croix - Page 6