These photos were taken at the Pool Area in Frederiksted on May 19, 1996.  
Some photos are on the dark side.  The entire area has since been renovated.
One eye Nilsa.  
08/25/06, 05/30/20
More of the Family - Page 9
What the area looked like in 1996.  In the background is the shed that can
be used for gatherings, dances, etc., and the pool.
Bernissa and Mida Ibelize
Cusa and Min setting things up.
Titi Catalina, Ilma, backs of Lee and Titi Guilla
Ma and Titi Guilla
Rodney and his son Giovanni
Gloria (sitting) and
Carmen (Min)
Shane.  He is the one that will eventually make the
drawing I use to watermark my photos on the bottom,

usually lower left..  
Min with her granddaughter, Ibelize.
Glo, Nilsa, Cusa and Cholo holding Shane.
A game of dominoes...Around the table starting left - Javier
(looking on), Paco, Ma looking on, ?, Guilito
(Daisy's husband), and with his back to the camera,
Che.  Standing up by Guilito could be one of Ilma's
sons.  The two boys in the foreground I know not.