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From Ma's Collection and More - Page 25

I found the following photos in Ma's collection during my April-May 2009 visit to St. Croix.  Some
photos have been posted on other pages.  Date photo was taken will be shown where available.
En La Granja, Estate Whim.  On the left is Mamá Lola, on the right is Ma.  Ma's photo taken January 1960.
Pin (Pablo Nieves, a cousin) was a car mechanic and thus the reason for the many vehicles.
Photo on the left could have been taken during a trip to New York since Ma is wearing what looks like a coat.  
I am in the photo at right with Ma.  Photo discolored due to age.
Ma with Lillian (left) and Glory (right).  Photo on the right was taken in California.  Front to back are Fran, Eneida, Ma, Titi
Paca, and Luis (Titi Feli's husband).
Left - Titi Paca, Ma, Titi Feli, and Luis in California (date on back of photo appears to be September 1970).  
Right - Ma and Daniela Cruz, a friend (date on back of photo is July 1980, possibly taken in Vieques)).
Left - Titi Mirin (aunt on father's side) and her children.  Right - Lillian in what appears to be school uniform.  The street
looks like Hospital, next to where Titi Catalina once lived.  The wall of the house on the right is all that now stands.
Paco; Paco and Freddy McFarlane.  Photo on right could have been taken on the stage in the Villages.

My Cuban friends and dance partners.  May they be dancing
in Heaven!  Left is Isabel and at right is her sister, Lourdes.
Photos taken June 1984.
Nilsa, in school uniform.
Camel, a cousin.  One of Tío Tomás' daughters.
Lolin, a cousin.  Titi Mery's daughter.
Pascual Jr, one of Titi Moncha's sons.
Sisters - Left is Eneida, right is Carmen (Luz).  Titi Paca's daughters.
Front - Carmelo III (Melo).  Back - Camille and
Paul.  Junior's (cousin, brother of Eneida
and Carmen) children
Carmelo III (front), Paul and Camille in the back.
Mother and daughter - Isabelin and Judith.  Very good friends of the Rodriguez family.
Louie, nephew.
Most recent photo on page.
In March 2009, the ladies got together.  
Sitting, left to right - Lillian (Lee) and Ma (Carmen).
Standing, left to right - Maria
(Mary, Mery), Gloria (Glo), Nilsa and Carmen (Min).
Jorge - 1969, leaving for New York City.
Left - Paco in New York City.  Right - Jorge, photo taken in NYC, 03/28/1971