February 17, 2008

I have decided to add once more the Family Tree I have been compiling.  This time, I am ONLY
posting names, years of birth and when applicable, year of death.   
If you still need additional information, please contact me via my
Contact Me page.

He decido agregar la  información sobre el árbol genealógico.  
Esta vez solo incluyo nombres, fechas de nacimiento y cuando es necesario, fecha de muerte.  
Si necesitan  mas información se puede comunicar conmigo vía la página
Contact Me.  

04/04/14 - Other than the GIF file, all PDF files were created using Family Tree Maker, v2014.

To view the PDF files, you need the latest Adobe Reader.  If you don't have it,  you may
want to go to
Adobe's website to get it.  I would suggest you UNCHECK any additional
offers being made by Adobe.  Offers can include virus scan, toolbar, etc.

To view the revised Family Tree please click on information that follows.

The Family Of / La Familia de Leoncio Nieves and / y Dolores Torrens / Standard

If you have a name/names you want me to add or if you see an error, please let me know.  
Si tienes un nombre o nombres para agregar o encuentras un error,
por favor déjamelo saber.  
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02/11/06, 05/25/20
Family Tree

Below, you can see the family tree for each child of Mama Lola and Papa Leo.  
Abajo pueden ver el árbol genealógico individual para cada hijo(a) de
Mamá Lola y Papá Leo.