Dolores Torrens, who we respectfully referred to as Mamá Lola!  These photos look reddish
and/or faded because they are old.   Don't know when they were taken.
Tio Teyo with Grandma.   Was this a
Mother's Day?
Ma, Min and Glory with Grandma.
Ma and Nilsa with Grandma.  The child with the
ball looks like Rodney!
Grandma with some of her great grandchildren.  
Sitting is Daisy.  Counterclockwise -  Lizzy has
pony tails (braids), Rodney is behind Lizzy, behind
Rodney is Lola, Frankie is wearing the blue shirt,
next is Iris, next to Iris is Gigi, then Eneida and
Cholo.  (Thanks to Cusa, Paco & Bernie for
helping with the names.)

Tio Teyo and Bernissa.  Picture possibly
taken in Vieques, Puerto Rico.
Grandma, Tío Teyo, and others
05/25/06, 05/24/20
Grandma with, left to right, Titi Guilla, Ma,
and Inda.

Mamá Lola, from a painting that was in Ma's bedroom.

From Eneida's collection.

Above, Mama Lola & Papa Leo looking sharp.

At right - Mama Lola, Papa Leo (face no longer visible),
with Eneida, Carmelo, and Carmen (left to right).