Another aerial view. The fifth house after the blue &
white building in the foreground, to the left of the dirt
road, was Titi Guilla's house at the time.   The next
building,  L shaped, is the Jehovah Witnesses'
Assembly Hall.
Alexander Hamilton Airport, now the Henry E.
Rohlsen.  This is part of the terminal.   The baggage
area and most of the airport was guarded by
heavily armed military men.
Hill Street, west to east, 1986.  This is before the
hurricane.  Notice all the trees.  Taken from close
to Queen St.
Hill Street, west to east, 1989.  This view is from
Strand Street.  Notice how most of the trees are
brown and have no leaves?
View of New Street from Mars Hill looking north.  
Again, notice how brown the trees are.  New Street
is covered in dirt.  All photos taken in
September 1989.
02/26/06, 05/24/20
Hurricane Hugo, 1989, Page 1
Tia's house ----->
<----- Paul E. Joseph Stadium
St. Thomas' airport.  The American Airlines flight first
stopped in St. Thomas.
St. Thomas
View from Mars Hill looking northwest.  Here you can
see St. Paul's Church's steeple and the Lutheran
Service's building (what we called Childrens' Home).
<-----Jehovah Witness' Kingdom Hall
At left is the Old Rubber Tree.  This was a VERY old tree.  It was so huge that we played in and around it.  
The tree was located in the Marley Housing Project, close to where Fisher Street meets Strand.  
At right is St. Patrick's Church, looking north from Market Street.
View from Harrigan Court.  Queen Mary Highway.  The Seventh Day Adventist Church can be seen with most
of its roof blown off.  Navy ship can be seen anchored in the harbor.
Aerial view of Frederiksted from American Airlines flight.  This was first flight to St. Croix (9/29) after the
hurricane of 9/17.  Look closely in  the background you can see Paul E. Joseph Stadium.

April 19, 2020 - I began cleaning out my closets a while back since I decided to rent the small room of my apartment  
to a friend.  I had to shift things around which had been stored in the closets to make space.  In so doing, I decided
to get rid of the many photo albums I had stored in the foyer closet.  Damn, I did not know I had that many photo
albums.  Before shredding the photos/postcards and souvenirs, I looked at them and decided to keep a few.
I will post what I saved and scanned on various pages.   Some photos and postcards may be posted on other
pages.  Everything posted will be as scanned without adjusting the photo for color, clarity, etc.  
What you see is what you get.  Watermark will not be added.  No kallaloo here, just simplicity.

Below are the photos/postcards/souvenirs being added.  Keep in mind, some may be duplicates.  

Taken from "Scenes of Frederiksted" postcard.  (c) Ron Cox
The rubber tree in Marley Houses before Hurricane Hugo.
The rubber tree after the
(c) Jorge L. Rodriguez
Taken from the American Airlines flight.
This and all photos below are
(c) Jorge L. Rodriguez.
Same as above but cropped.
Flying over Frederiksted.
Cropped version of photo above.
Airport Terminal
The Airport Hotel
View of Town from Harrigan.
What was left of the pier
The Navy came in to establish order??

At left - St. Patrick's Church.  

Above - Sunny Isle Mall
Cropped version of photo above.
Hotel on the Cay on Protestant Cay.
Hotel on Protestant Cay
<----- Where Titi Guilla lived
<---- Jehovah Witness' Kingdom Hall
<---- Paul E. Joseph Stadium
(2019 - The entire area around
the stadium being updated.)