After I update a page, I have to save it,  and then publish it.  Publishing a page can take time,
especially if it involves photos.  If you happen to be viewing the page at the same time that I am
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x where the navigation bar should be located. If this
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Please Note:

I have protected most of the photos I have posted in one way or another using a watermark.   
It's not that I don't want family members to print the photos,  it's just that I  don't  know who
else may be viewing this site.  I'm just being cautious!

He protegido la mayoría de las fotos que he publicado con un “watermark”.  No es porque no
quiero que miembros de la familia impriman las fotos, es porque no se que otros personas
estén viendo mis páginas.  Estoy tratando de prevenir problemas.  

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Having problems with this website?  Please let me know.

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