Ma's 80th Birthday Beach Party, July 2002
Left to right:  Maria, Paco, Nilsa.  Ma & Lee in back.  
Don't know when photo was taken!
Left to right: Min, Paco, Ma, Gloria, Maria, Nilsa.  
In back Jorge and Lee.  January 12, 1980.
Paco's birthday.  We all had black hair!

Sitting, left to right - Jorge, Glo, Ma, Min, Paco.
Standing - Maria and Nilsa.  Lee is missing.
July 2002 - Left to right:  Nilsa, Maria, Gloria, Ma,
Carmen (Min), and Lillian (Lee).  In the back, Jorge
and Paco.  Here most of us have gray hair!  I am
standing on a pile of sand thus I look a  lot taller!
April 23, 2006 - Jorge's 55th Birthday, Rivera's residence,
St. Croix.  Sitting, left to right - Ma, Min, and Nilsa.  
Standing, left to  right - Glo, Jorge and Paco.    
Missing are Maria and Lillian

2005, left to right - Nilsa, Lillian, Min, Glo,
Maria, Paco and Ma sitting.  Jorge is missing.
Flash Back to the Past!
Most of the following photos were given to me by Eneida on 8/27/06.  These photos were found among Titi Paca's
possessions.  Some photos had dates, others did not.  In some, the individual(s) was(were) identified while in
others they were not.  Thanks for the assistance in identifying the individuals in the last two photos.
Two happy brothers (Jorge and Paco) in the yard
of what appears to be La Granja, Est. Whim.

This photo has a date of Aug 60.  Don't know
where it was taken but could have been La Granja.  
Foreground is Nilsa and next to here is Ilma.  
Left to right, second row are Maria & Lee (making
a face).  Behind Maria is Min and behind Lee are
Titi Catalina and Maria Esther.  Who's the baby?  
In the background are Papa Leo and behind
him Glory.  Who's house is this?  It is believed to
be the house in Whim (La Granja).  Baby in
Titi Catalina's arms could be Iris Nieves.
This photo was taken on the cistern in the back
yard of the house on Queen Cross Street.  
Front, right, are Glory and Maria Esther.  Sitting,
left to right, are Ma with me on her lap,
Titi Catalina, Nilsa's head and Nilsa Melendez;
behind Ma is Maria and Paco (standing).
The inscription on the back of the photo reads,
"StC  De sus primos y tias les manda
Gloria Sofia Rodriguez."  By the way, look closely
at the left side of the photo.  That was the back  
balcony that Ma used as a kitchen.  If you look  
closely, you can see pots hanging from the ceiling.  
You can also see the second floor of the house
that once stood next to ours.  Sha-Sha and Tilly
lived on the first floor of the two story house.
Graduation photos.  Most likely Min's photos was taken at the Ovesen Studios.  No idea when these photos were
taken.  The photo on extreme right is of Lee.   The gate looks like that of a house on Queen St.
02/10/06, 05/24/20
Carmen Nieves (Ma), her children & others
First Communion.  The back of the photo reads,
"A Titi Paca con todo el cariño de tus sobrinitas
Min y Lillian en el dia de su primera comunión."  
Handwriting looks like Min's.

Gloria.  I suppose this is her
First Communion photo.
Nilsa.  This and the other two photos above
appear to have been taken at the Ovesen Studio.
Paco and Jorge, Estate Whim (La Granja) wearing a
similar shirt.  We called it our "cowboy" shirt
because of the style.   You can see one of the pinos
(pine trees) and windmill in the background.  As you
can see, the area was not as developed as it is
today.  These were the "good old days"!  
Don't know year photo was taken.

The ONLY picture I have of dad.  Too bad it's not
clearer.  Dad is on the right.  I tried to touch up the
original a little.  Don't know who the other guy is.  
Don't know when or where this photo was taken.
(This photo and one at right are from
Ma's collection.)

The following photos were given/loaned to me by Maria Esther and Eneida.  Got them during or after the 2008 cruise.  
This looks like a photo I may have taken.  
Year - 1985.  Sides - Lily and Nilsa.  Left to right are -
Ma, Titi Catalina, Titi Guilla and Titi Paca.  Looks
like the Rivera's residence in Campo Rico.
Left to right - Titi Paca, Titi Mery, Eneida, Titi Juana,
and Ma.  Appears to be taken in Titi Mery's residence,
Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.  Possibly taken in 2002.
Left to right - Sophia, Luis Garcia,
Titi Feli, Maria Esther, & Titi Catalina.
Could have been taken at airport, St. Croix.
Titi Catalina, Maria
Esther's mother.
Ma.  Photo appears to have been taken in Titi
Mery's residence, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico.  
Possibly taken in 2002, same as group photo.
Front (left to right)  - Paco and Maria, Glory.  
Back - Min, Nilsa, and Jorge. Lillian missing.  Taken
on St. Croix but cannot remember when.

Ma in 2009!
With Ma - left to right, Nilsa, Kaylah, and René.

Portrait of Ma

From Nilsa's Collection

July 16, 1922 to June 18, 2010

May Ma Rest In Peace!
Ma in better days!
Also see Family 28.

April 2019

I forgot I had these.  They belonged to Dad.  Union card and driver's license.