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On December 13, 2014, I went to see the musical "Moses" at the Sight and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA.  
I went with my sister and a group  from St. Paul the Apostle Church in my neighborhood.   Photos were not
allowed in the theater once the show began.  The show was spectacular!!   The staging of the parting of the
Red Sea was incredible!  As in most of the plays at Sight and Sound, actors and humans enter and leave
via the aisles in the orchestra seating area.   During some scenes the sides of the theater are used.   
The theater was filled to capacity.  After the show, we went to Miller's for lunch.
Farm next to Miller's Smorgasbord
Galaxy S3 phone used.
Christmas decorations, Fulton Street,
Rego Center Mall, with apartment
building almost completed
Inside theater before the
show began!
Nativity scene
Main Street, Flushing

Moshulo Gate (Southern Blvd.)   I toured part of the grounds and visited the Holiday Train Show.  
I have to return to the Botanical Garden next year to see what I missed.  Since I was in the Bronx,
I decided to visit Yankee Stadium.   The photos below are those I took.  

Above - Ticket

Moshulo Gate.
The Haupt Conservatory
The Haupt Conservatory in the bright sun.
Show.  Conductors on stilts.
While waiting to enter the Train Show, we
were entertained by the stilt walkers.
See right photo above, lower right side.
Taken outside Yankee Stadium
What was
once St.
Bedford Park
Blvd, Bronx.  
The buildings
now serve
Beautiful sunset.  Taken from Queens Blvd, between
Junction Blvd and 62nd Drive.  God is great!

The end of another month.  The end of another year.  Happy New Year to all!  
May 2015 be better than 2014.
Native Plant Garden area
1 - Mosholo Gate, where I entered
3 - Native Plant Garden
4 & 5 - Did not visit
This, and next 3 photos,
represent Flushing Meadows
Buildings in the City - Empire State, Chrysler, etc.
NY Botanical Garden
Yankee Stadium
Metropolitan Museum of Art
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