08/08/15, 06/13/20
August 2015 - BBBBB

Here are the photos taken in August.  

On August 3, I decided to walk across the George Washington Bridge.  I entered the bridge at 179th Street
in Manhattan.  (A train to 175th Street, walk north to 179th Street, west - left - on 179th.)  I did not get off the
bridge on the New Jersey side (Fort Lee).  It took me about an hour to do the entire walk.  The photos were
taken from the South Sidewalk, since the North Sidewalk is closed.  The sidewalks are located on the upper
level of the bridge.  There are bikers and pedestrians on the Sidewalk.

On August 5, I took a walk to the Flushing Meadows Corona Park.   They are painting the top portion of the
NY State Pavilion.  I discovered a "time capsule" monument that I had never seen in all my visits to the park.  
It is across from the NYS Pavilion.  We live and learn.  

Photos taken on other days will follow.
George Washington Bridge as seen from
GW Bridge as seen from the beginning of the South
Sidewalk.   Sidewalk is narrow at beginning.
Southern view - parkway, upper Manhattan and at a
distance lower Manhattan.
Riverbank State Park
Manhattan on left, New Jersey on right.  Southern view.
Lower Manhattan
Bus terminal, 179th Street
Northern view.  It's not easy taking photos of the northern
views since large trucks constantly block the view.
Fort Lee, New Jersey
Fort Lee area.
Lower deck
Leaving the George Washington Bridge.  Fort Lee in the background

Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Queens, New York City
Hornets' nest
Column of Jerash.  Presented to 1964/65 NY World's Fair
Pavilion being painted.
Will humanity "endure" 5,000 years?
When I got home from my trek through the park, I took this photo from my terrace
using the zoom.  Just beautiful.

On August 12th, Elton and I decided to visit Coney Island to walk around and take photos.  
No, we did not go on any of the rides, walked the beach or enter the ocean!

The funnel cake we yearned for turned out to be pre-made and heated before being served.   
This could be due to the fact that the area is not visited by many during the week.  On our way out, we found
a place that said they make the funnel cakes fresh.  Maybe next visit we will get one from this vendor.

The Throgs Neck, Whitestone, Triboro and Verrazano have no sidewalk for pedestrians/bicyclists.  
The two minor bridges left to cross are the Willis Avenue and University Heights.  
(Many years ago, when I lived in Washington Heights, I did cross the University Heights bridge.)
Was once the Parachute Jump.  No longer in use.
Photos taken on the pier.
NCL Breakaway
Celebrity Summit
Wonder Wheel

Coney Island - Part 3, August 22nd.  This time it was to photograph the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas and the
Gem from approximately West 37th Street.  The boardwalk ends where the Sea Gate (Seagate) community begins.  

On August 16th, I returned to Coney Island alone to take photos of the NCL Breakaway cruise ship passing
the area plus the sand sculptures made on August 15th.  When I left Queens at 3 p.m., there was a very dark
cloud hanging over Corona.  When I arrived in Coney Island it was raining; lasting a few minutes!  Due to the
cloudiness and haze the ship was not too clear.  As I was leaving the pier, I noticed a Celebrity Summit
cruise ship coming into view.  I finally tasted a freshly fried funnel cake!!  (Too bad Elton was not with me!)

The Breakaway docks in Manhattan while the Celebrity ship docks in Bayonne, New Jersey.  
Both ships most probably were on their way to the Caribbean, Bermuda and/or Bahamas.

The sand sculptures had all been destroyed by the time I got to them and were now just a mound of sand!
Planes were constantly flying overhead with
different banners.  They advertised banks, schools
(like this one), and more.  My favorite banner?  
"Beach you better have my money", ad for a
financial institution.
Verrazano Bridge in the background.
The Gem as it came into view.
Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas
I took this and the following 3 photos  from the
boardwalk as I walked back to  the subway.
The Gem, somewhat blurry,  at a distance.  Both ships
travelled east, made a right turn and then headed south.
Left - a tanker; Middle - The Gem at a distance;
Right - The Liberty.
The sun covered by a cloud.

And the work on the roof of the Arthur Ashe stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park continues.  
Photo taken from my terrace.
This photo was taken from inside the F train as it left
Coney Island and headed to Queens.

On August 23rd, I visited the Shore Promenade (Shore Park) in Brooklyn.  The pedestrian/bicycle Promenade
extends from the American Veterans Memorial Pier (69th Street Pier) to the Bensonhurst Park.  I took the
R train to 95th Street Station (last stop) and walked down 4th Avenue and into the park.

The NCL Breakaway and the Celebrity Summit were leaving New York City.
The canon in John Paul Jones Park on 4th Avenue.
The Verrazano Bridge from 4th Avenue
Fort Wadsworth
on Staten Island
Kayaking and fishing on the Hudson!
Coney Island and Seagate from the Promenade.
And behind those tall buildings is Coney Island.
The Parachute Jump is clearly visible.
Hyundai container ship.
Brooklyn side.
NCL Breakaway
Celebrity Summit coming from
Bayonne, NJ.
When sailing under the Bridge, if one is on the Lido Deck
or higher, one feels as if the top of the ship will touch
the bottom of the Bridge.
The Summit passing another ship.  The sun was
bright and in my face!  Didn't think to change the
settings on the camera.
Bon voyage to all the passengers!

And yet another trip to Coney Island with Elton.  After sharing a funnel cake, we walked, talked, sat, rested,
and walked some more.  As we walked and talked, we enjoyed the views.  Below are the only photos I took.
The rest of the Thunderbolt extends to the left.
Me on the boardwalk.  Taken by Elton with his Samsung
Tablet.  Photo taken 08/29/15.
Going up!
Now going down!
Vibrant.  Colorful.  Gorgeous.
© Jorge L. Rodríguez – Cru-Riqueño Photos