Titi Paca.  The back stairs of the house
in Canarsie, Brooklyn.  (RIP 04/2008)
Marc in a tree at Montauk Point,
Long Island, NY.
On a day trip to Bear Mountain.  Left to right, Jorge,
Daisy, Maria, and Min.   Yes, that's me with that long
beard!  I let it grow for a year without trimming it.
The Rivera family in Liberty Park.    Left to right, Daisy,
Frankie, Min, Javier and Rodney.  "Tek a pic-cha, tek a
03/25/06, 06/16/20
1980, 1986 - Page D
Phyllis' (Cuchie's) College Graduation, 1986
Left - Cuchie with mother (Gloria) and sister (Maritza).  Right - Cuchie with mother and grandmother (Carmen).
Left - Cuchie with mother & two aunts (left is Nilsa, right is Maria).  Right - Cuchie with grandmother & uncle (Jorge).





On the dance floor:  Johnny and Maria, Maritza and Sergio's brother, Cuchie,
Jorge and Gloria.

The following two photos were found with my 1986 photos.  Don't know when photos were actually taken, though.

Eric and his sister, Jessica, looking cool!  
Henry to me, Malcolm to his family.  From Guyana.
Friends 1971-1989.  Lived 1944 to 1989!  (RIP

These two photos of Henry were sent to me by
a cousin of his.  
The warm friendly smile that captured everyone.
At the Belardos' (Junior) residence on Woodhaven Boulevard, July 4, 1980.  
Left to right - Titi Paca, Ma, Paco, Cusa, Jorge and Iris.  Child could be Camille

and next to her could be Maria.  I have cropped me out of this photo and
you can see it on the page
About Me 2.