06/05/16, 06/23/20
June 2016 - FFFFF

June 2nd - Flowers that can be seen along Horace Harding Expressway

June 4th - The Fort Totten Tunnel Tour

The following was taken from:  https://www.nycgovparks.org/parks/fort-totten-park/highlights:

"Originally inhabited by the Matinecock Indians, the neighborhood of Bayside was first settled during
the American Revolution. This site was first named Willets Point, but later renamed for General Joseph Totten
(1788-1864) who died in Washington, D.C. in 1864. Plans were initially prepared by Captain Robert E. Lee in 1857,
and construction of the fortification began in 1862. Built across the East River from its counterpart, Fort Schuyler,
Totten was initially charged with defending the eastern approach to New York Harbor. Soon after its completion,
however, with the rapid advances made in fortification design by battlefield engineers and commanders fighting
the Civil War in the South, Fort Totten became obsolete as a defensive structure and its facilities were remanded
to the position of casualty support and hospital care (1864-1965)."
Bird at one of the feeders outside the Visitor's Center
Inside the Visitor's Center
The entrance on the left leads to the Water Battery.  The
room at right was used for storage.  See photo at right.
Ventilation in the storage room.
The tunnel that leads to Water Battery.
Bird nest.
Remember the Maine written on wall.  
Original and repainted over the years?
The Maine was lost in 1898 in Havana.
Tunnel's Exit
Canons were situated in these rooms.  Small windows in photo
at right would be where canons would be, pointing to the sea.
Due to the amount of smoke generated when the canons were discharged
these slots where built in the roof so the smoke could escape with harm
to the soldiers
Granite walls.  Incredilbe architecture.   In some areas there were stalactites
formed in the ceiling and stalagmites on the floor.
One of the towers of the Throgs Neck Bridge.  
Red dome -  Roof of where powder was stores.
Boat on the Long Island Sound
Tunnel leading to Main Magazine.
Inside the Main Magazine
Plant growing on a wall.
By the way, the rooms were cool and comfortable.  
Outside was sweltering hot.
Endicott Batteries
Main Magazine closed to the public and maintained locked.
In need of repairs.  The area is
fenced and can only be accessed
by the Rangers.
Stairs leading to second floor.
Rooms were cool.
Reinforced concrete rather than granite like the
Water Battery.
Machinery used to get canons
to second floor
Nest with hungry chick.

After the Tunnel Tour, I took the #7 train to Junction Blvd.  I took this photo from the platform.  
It's the graffiti found on the roofs of a few buildings on the southeast corner of Junction Blvd and Roosevelt Avenue.  
The tags (artists) change from time to time.  
Dark clouds beginning to accumulate.  And then it rained!
What is this?  Foam!  I poured Pine Sol in a bucket
and then filled the bucket with hot water.

On June 15th, we took an L&M Tour to Pennsylvania.  Our first stop was at The Woodlands at Phillips.  
There we learned how mushrooms are grown, harvested, etc.  We were not allowed into any of the buildings
where the mushrooms are grown.  On the site was a museum and gift shop.   Unfortunately, there were no fresh
mushrooms for sale.  After the mushroom museum, we had lunch and later visited a

We travelled in a 24-passenger van since there were only 10 participants.
Shitake (Lentinus edodes)
Gift shop
Colorful glass mushrooms for sale.
Original well on the back porch of house, now the gift shop.  
The square of 4 dots are lights reflecting off the water at the
bottom of the well.  The 5th dot is from my camera.
4 dots.
No vineyard on the premises.
The 8 wines we sampled.   I found them to be too dry.
You see the bee?  Well, part of a bee!

On June 16, I decided to watch the Anthem of the Seas sail out of New York harbor and under the Verrazano Bridge.  
The ship's port is in Bayonne, NJ.  It's a huge ship with its hull painted a light blue.  What a sight!
A ship docked in the harbor.
A ship (container) entering the harbor while another
(tanker?) leaves.
Wild flowers in the park.
For this one, I changed setting to "sunset".  
The clouds kept covering the sun.
Symbol of New York City's parks.
Nature's Mirror, 1000 pieces, (c) Travis Melin, 2014, 26.625 in (67.6 cm) x 19.25 in (48.9 cm).  
The box was too big for my scanner.  Cobble Hill Puzzle Co.
The moon - as beautiful as always!
Photos came out too dark.

June 25th - Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
We had lunch at
Wahlburgers then walked on the boardwalk.
We sat on the upper floor of Wahlburgers.
This woman, & her friend, went from mural to mural
photographing each other doing a head stand.
Mural - Tom's Restaurant & Bar on Boardwalk.
A group of girls dancing next to one of the art walls.
The new entertainment center (amphitheater).
The $5.00 outdoor concerts are now a thing of the past!
Power Surge ride.
Photo of part of original Coney Island
One of the cars in the Ferris Wheel.
Coming soon - shark exhibit
On wall outside the Aquarium
Sign outside Boardwalk, Ocean Parkway.
Sunflower at exit/entrance at Ocean Parkway.
At Ocean Parkway.
Ocean Parkway station, Q train