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July 2016 - Page GGGGG
Zinnias - Peppermint Stick Mix
Bee on one of the Zinnias
The beginning of a Violet Queen Zinnia.
Flowers in the neighborhood.
Beautiful Flowers
Fireworks started in June in the area.  
This one taken July 2nd.
Sunrise - Automatic setting.
Sunrise - Sunset setting
All Zinnias growing in pot on my terrace.
See the moon?
View of Flushing Meadows Corona Park at 8:06 p.m.
Tennis Stadium
Terrace on the Park
Views from my terrace, including photo above, right side.

It thundered, there was lightning.   It got very dark and soon after the downpour, the sun came out!
29 minutes later the sun came out!

The moon as seen on July 17th, 19th and 20th.  The full moon of July which rose on July 19th is known as the
Full Buck Moon.  Why the name?  It is symbolized the time of the year when male deer, called bucks, start to grow
their antlers.  This full moon is also called the Full Moon Thunder and the Full Hay Moon as July is know from
the most frequent thunderstorms and the time when farmers harvest, bale and stow hay for the winter.  
Different camera settings were used.

On July 19th, we took a tour with L&M to New Jersey to spend the day at the Jefferson House Restaurant
and Marina.    When we arrived at the restaurant, we were served coffee/tea and cookies.  During lunch,
we enjoyed music.  Since there was as dance floor, many of those present danced.  Later, we took a boat ride
on the Hopatcong Lake.  The houses on the shore of the lake are beautiful.  There are two islands, Raccoon
and Halsey, in the lake, which can only be accessed by boat.   Lake Hopatcong is the largest freshwater body
in New Jersey, about 4 square miles in area.  When the boat turned to go back to Jefferson House, we passed
Halsey Island.  
Sign at the Marina
The boat that took us around the lake.
Leaving the Marina.
Halsey Island.

The following photos were taken from inside the bus on our way home.
Manhattan as we crossed the George Washington Bridge.
Throgs Neck Bridge as we crossed the Whitestone Bridge.
Homes between Throgs Neck
and  Whitestone Bridges

After the downpour on July 25th, and what a downpour it was, a rainbow appeared.  The rainbow separated the
sky into 2 sections - one side was gray while the other side had white clouds.   At the same time, the sun was setting.

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A not too clear photograph on the left, a copy of box cover on the right.

The Zinnias on my terrace, pigeons resting, plus more flowers in the neighborhood.

Another rain storm.  And boy did it come down!   Evening of July 31st.
Sunset Setting
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