12/25/16, 07/09/20
December 2016 - LLLLL
Name of mall in the Oculus
New Yorkers on their way home or to other activities!
With flash.
Concourse C
Ever changing ads on display in Concourse C
The light show inside the Oculus.
Sunset setting used to take these two photos.
Hung by the escalators leading to World Financial Center
(WFC) / Brookfield Mall
Decorations on a Christmas tree in WFC
Ever changing lights in the WFC
Art work on a truck of a fruit vendor on 63rd.  
Snow of 12/17/16.  
Puzzle at various stages.
Left - Puzzle completed.  Right - Copy of box cover.
Both photos taken from inside van as it moved.  Left - View of a farm on our way to Shady Maple. Right - Shady Maple
Farm that can be seen from the parking lot in Kitchen Kettle.
One of the quilts in Shady Maple