03/25/17, 07/16/20
March, April  & May 2017 - NNNNN
More snow, March 10th.
After the snow!  The moon looked great in the sky!
A plane headed to La Guardia Airport
More Snow - March 14th

From the past and more

Remember Alexander's??

The building was eventually
converted to a mall with various
stores - Bed Bath and Beyond,
Sears, Marshalls, Old Navy and
Circuit City.  Circuit City closed
and Burlington Warehouse took
over the space.  By April 2017
Sears will be gone.

The parking lot is now also a mall
with stores like Costco, Century 21,
Aldi, etc.  There is also a luxury
apartment building.

See below for photos of what area
looks like today.  

There are photos on other pages.

Marilyn Monroe.  
This was a beach towel I stretched and framed.   
The white circular item on the right side of the photo at left is not
part of the towel.   I pinned it there later.  It was given to me at a party.
Junction Blvd.  Side of what was once Alexander's and
soon no longer to be Sears.   Photo at right shows
entrance to Sears on 62nd  Drive

Ceiling of the rotunda at the Manhattan Supreme Court, 60 Centre Street.
Photos taken with cell phone.  Unable to capture the beauty of the entire ceiling!

Not too many photos taken in April 2017.  Included below are photos taken on the AirTrain to JFK Airport on
April 22nd on my way to St. Croix via San Juan.  Photos taken on April 23rd can be seen on
St. Croix 34.

The moon.
These photos
were taken on
April 11th with my
Samsung J7.  
I decided to edit
the photos using
the effect feature.  
At left the effect
is called Vanilla
while the one on
the right is called
April 12th.  Actual photo, no effect added.  See the light of a plane?
Look to the left of the moon.
Blue Wash Effect.
April 12th
Remember the old TWA terminal?
It is being converted into a hotel.
Views from AirTrain en route to Terminal 5, JetBlue.
From JetBlue terminal - A Virgin Airlines jet landing.

Like April, not too many photos taken in May.
A cloudy day.
Moon covered by clouds.
Another sunrise
Flushing Meadows Corona Park
Similar to above using Sunset setting
Various magnets on the freezer door of my fridge
A beautiful evening.
Across the street from Lincoln Center
Lincoln Center
Clouds hiding sun.
Beautiful sunset as seen on the west side of Manhattan.